I’m Roman Atwood, this is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and daughter Cora, along with my wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on TRstart since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all!

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  1. Michael Deemer

    Cyber security has been breached. This is so insane. Sorry for you guys.

  2. Team iconic

    Y’all will make it

  3. Andrew Spaid

    That’s messed up

  4. Cole Geatens

    I’m so sorry for you Roman and your new family. I would never wish that on someone. Stick in their man we’re here for you!❤️

  5. Cj Alvarez

    Scary especially you have kids

  6. Jude Lines

    I’m trying not to sound rude but your kids must be happy there on online school

  7. Cat Lady

    I’m so happy y’all are safe and well.

  8. Tyler Griffith

    To think it could be someone in the comments is what’s crazy

  9. joshuwha

    Made enough money to quit. Yes quiters

  10. Jayla Jackson

    Wow that’s so scary sorry that happened to you 💔💔

  11. Cj Alvarez

    Those stalkers are very

  12. Renkoh

    Could have just flaunted the Golden Deagle in every video...

  13. Jennifer Mudge

    I have chills listening to this. This is so hard to hear! I can’t believe people would do this to you guys. Your family is one of the most positive people on social network!

  14. Cj Alvarez

    This is real they have some problems they need to go to a Rehab facility

  15. Day Dream sky breyers

    I hope you have pew pews

  16. Nylah Burns

    This what what you found tell us?

  17. mathew abbott

    Missed you guys..i hope y'all are good

  18. Baby Yoda

    I can’t belive that anyone could do this to these guys they are some of the nicest people ever and they don’t deserve any of this I can’t believe somone could actually do this to a family who have done so much for so many people and are just so nice.

  19. Fearless Studios

    Wow I’m extremely shocked I knew something bad was up I’m just glad you and your entire family is okay

  20. John F1

    skip button: 3:58 (keeps repeating himself)

  21. Yeet Feet

    Who tha fuck would do this to somebody

  22. Cj Alvarez

    This is real life right now

  23. Mama Bhanja

    Is the investigation completed by FBI

  24. Unknown

    I’m so sorry for u guys

  25. Jay take it away

    Man I really feel for you guys.. It's awful to have to live with that, there's some really cruel, dark people in this world!.. You guys are good people! Be strong and stay optimistic, only light can drive out the darkness remember that!

  26. Quincy Edwards

    Well welcome back

  27. Becca Webster

    What in the Pretty Little Liars? I’m so sorry you all had to go through that. I can’t even imagine what it was like. I love you all and am so glad you are okay

  28. Florian Nissen

    I think we can´t even imagine how hard it is to leave like that and being harassed like that it's so awful

  29. Noe H

    This is why I never had the dream of being a successful TRstartr. I like my privacy and wouldn’t be able to deal with the annoying and psychotic fans.

  30. joshuwha

    Divorce its ok everyone does it

  31. Gabriel Scherer


  32. Mama Bhanja

    Omg 😲 seems like in electronic world is more danger when system is missuge good to hear you guys are fine thank you for shearing

  33. Kalle

    the stalkers are watching this video now and seeing the comments so he sees what he is doing is only wrong and no one is on his side

  34. Sebastian Rivas

    you took the time you needed and we all love and support you

  35. Ryder Kennedy

    I’ve actually been through this and still going through this I do have your back been watching you for 5 years

  36. Abegail Lafford

    Omg that’s horrible for people to do this, I really hope you are all ok and gonna be ok from here on out.. I wish 2021 is gonna be way better for you guys. And congratulations on the new baby boy. His adorable

  37. Cassie Hagar

    B vb

  38. Dillon Warble

    I found a website that you can buy information from on specific people for 95 cents

  39. Mariana Queen

    So sorry for what you had to go through I love you guys and I can’t wait for your next video ❤️❤️

  40. Abram Benaim

    This is a little sad

  41. Just a Karen discovered the internet

    did you find them??

  42. Stacy Hall

    I’m sending prayers for you 🙏🏻

  43. Sage Akporherhe

    Please tell me they’ve been caught


    Wait you they have a new kid?

  45. Stephanie Scerbak

    Omg that’s horrible the way ppl treat each other, thank god you are all ok. This isn’t as bad as what happend to u but my mom got her credit card stolen and that was awful and wh had near to nothing.

  46. Kinsley Kinsley

    It’s sad to see there views going down :(

  47. Mirabo

    Could someone please give me the summary of this video? Thank you ❤️❤️

  48. Cole B

    I’m sorry that happened to you and not say you should have but you should have vlogged clips of what happened and made a documentary series on it to show what happened like a Shane Dawson type video. But I’m sorry that happened to you and hope your ok now

  49. Qasim Bajwa

    Have they been caught yet tho?

  50. Crystal Burns

    Youre in my prayers. Stay safe.

  51. Oscar_

    Which heartless devils would dislike this video. Honestly. Hope they recover.

  52. Tristan Neely

    This sucks that y’all had to go through this. Y’all are such good people and no one deserves something like this.

  53. Andrew Pranks

    My man def had to have shot an intruder which I don’t blame him because it’s self defense for him and his family. Love you Roman

  54. Patrick Money

    I can't someone would do this, you lift people up thats what you do with you're videos this person who is doing this to you should be arrested. I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to you I hope you all stay safe

  55. pennsylvania wildgame

    actually screwed up romans such a nice guy and doesn’t deserve this at all

  56. ST_ Mix

    i think this should be brought to anonymous. They are in the dark but there are still members who would of helped this situation. Anonymous stands everyone and roman and his family have brought nothing but smiles to everyones faces from day one.

  57. Goof Squad

    This is so horrible, how can the authorities not do anything about this?

  58. The Clerk

    Sounds like you pissed off someone or the false hologram overlay in reality doesn't like the positivity you spread so the matrix targeted you. I can't believe I'm watching this. Thank you for coming out with this and not using the words that make the targeted community look insane. I know how you feel.

  59. Johnny Doey

    Just a reflection of the modern new-age teenager and what they do for fun- that’s all it really is

  60. Raighanne Fields

    This is ridiculous no parent or anyone should have to go through that I’m so so so sorry that this happened to you guys and I’m so glad that your ok❤️❤️


    Man that's really messed up I couldn't imagine how u guys felt during it. I hop it never happens again I love u guys ♥️

  62. Bruns873

    Someone’s being paid to make your life a living hell. This is obvious, everything you listed they did is out of a playbook. You guys pissed someone off. You guys are celebrities, you need to do what celebrities do and have your data removed from public domains, hire a consultant who knows their shit to help you.

  63. TheGoMan

    damn people are sick. stay healthy and safe!

  64. Conner

    stay safe y’all 💙

  65. Jaideo Potato

    These people are Truly disgusting. You are such a positive family for so many people in the world. Am glad your okay

  66. Noluv Ace

    Please return i NEED U

  67. Fidel Rodriguez

    U had to have bumped into these people somewhere somehow

  68. Average Gabe

    Imagine being this much of a low life that you have to do this to someones family

  69. Dan World

    First world problems are a real pickle

  70. Rob T

    how can anyone dislike this video?

  71. Syed Momin

    May Allah protect this beautiful family from these evil people. Ameen

  72. Sydney Burden

    Hope you guys stay safe. So sorry for the amount of stress and fear. Love you guys...you’ve helped me through my childhood.

  73. guccipolo

    definitely gotta get 24/7 security for these guys

  74. Modules_make_me_sad

    Quick someone get on twitter to cancel fbi out 😂😂

  75. The Clerk

    So are you targeted bro?

  76. Quinton Mattingly

    Glad you guys are ok❤️

  77. Quinton Mattingly

    I think we all understand you can Take as much time as you need ❤️

  78. Noe H

    So is this your last video?

  79. Michael Clifford

    Get anonymous to find them lol

  80. likeapuma251

    But are you coming back to twitch?