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  1. Ein Kurde

    Looks Like the kids version of Godzilla vs Kong

  2. El Usuario Común:


  3. Juliette Bowles

    Hey there, Nintendo. My name is Juliette, and I love the park's theme song "We Are Born To Play" by Charli XCX and Galantis. For the grand opening, can you send my request to the music performers? Can you ask them to extend the theme song for me, for us, for the whole world, and then make it as an audio for soundtrack? If you do, we will be very grateful to you. Thanks for reading this message. Juliette P.S. I am a huge fan of Charli and Galantis' park theme song!

  4. CjPlaysEverything

    Just preordered!

  5. Junry M

    This includes friends when i buy it right?

  6. Anne Onimus

    I came in thinking this was some kind of of building a cat shelter game boy was i wrong 🤣😂

  7. Collin Hail

    I fell in love with the woomies on my first battle. (I’m from the future so octo expansion has already come out)

  8. Deon Spates

    Bowser has always been the best!!!

  9. Golden Glace

    Mario's like an Eevee: He has multiple evolutions (Tanooki, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Cat, etc.). He can Gigantamax. He's an Iconic Character.

  10. Truong Huynh


  11. Mr Mark

    Strange that they only started advertising it days after it came out...

  12. sera 2008

    I like it

  13. NaTe422pEck

    Covid has tainted the local multiplayer name .___.

  14. Kelly Couch

    3:28 "ZA WARUDO"

  15. balidr

    this game is dead

  16. Kelly Couch

    Alternate Title: "Super Mario Bros. Gt"

  17. DBWhale

    Unknown Worlds is the best. I don't care if it runs bad on switch. Because Unknown Worlds is the best

  18. David Prevot

    5:32 poor Mario, no where to hide

  19. Pimz dGmr

    In Captions mode on, they call it the JOE KAHN

  20. Transform N' Rollout

    Am I the only one that's excited that Capcom is acknowledging 1943? 1943 is my favorite NES and arcade game, so I'm glad to see Capcom acknowledge it for the first time in 30 years.

  21. Dhilan Pandhi

    I can’t wait for this game to come out it looks sick

  22. Bench Out

    Dégueulasse !

  23. Shine On


  24. Tia

    60fps please :(

    1. Mo Ni

      Wouldn't count on it

  25. THE MAXX

    This just doesnt hit the same as ocarina of time

  26. jackyhohei 阿A_

    Can among us in switch available in Hong Kong or other countries?

  27. Carsten

    Coming back from the future to tell y’all this game is awesome.


    Now to think, Age of Calamity was just an alternative version of Breath of the Wild, in the sequel I really hope we can explore that version of Hyrule too.

    1. Mo Ni

      You mean restored? Or time travel? It was relevant for AoC but in the sequel I'd like them to just build on BotW.

  29. North and South Dakota

    Earthbound is not on Nintendo Switch

  30. jean charles

    Ken:hello😘 Link:get away from my girl😡

  31. Mihai Branz

    Create Friday noght funkin

    1. Mihai Branz


    2. Mihai Branz


  32. Peter Ponte

    Love it