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  1. Anjusha Teza Kuriakose

    5:37 the lamp in the bg lit up it looked like a candle 😨

  2. Exclipsia_

    Idk why but everytime they mention an year from the 20s I freak out😂

  3. Santa The Claus

    These lizard people are in actual fact the typical narcissist and are primarily concerned with control. Their brain is not developed for higher order thinking. They aqueous to authority and expect compliance.

  4. Lea u


  5. GermanBeestrd

    I was born and raised in Texarkana. Born on Texas side raised on the Arkansas side. The only hospitals in the city are on the Texas side. If anyone has any general questions about the city feel free to comment.

  6. Karl Anthony Tidon

    Was that a Yu Gi Oh reference?

  7. Dr. Shoggoth

    I don't remember this episode of MBMBaM.

  8. Linda Denneypu6

    They prob all hang out in one of ther grandmas basements and she jist thinks they r great at garage sales lol

  9. that one gurl

    It's the wiiiiiind

  10. fearlesssfcappuccino

    Also re the avalanche theory is that there were NO signs of any avalanche, which kind of takes that out... XP

  11. Athul Jayan

    You guys are great as ghoul brothers but... Here's some thing I caught. Exactly at 51:43 After Ryan say "See you later!" Think I hear a "Okay" or "Hey" Not sure which.

  12. Nothing Left

    I'd hate her too if she told me that the devil was going to possess me!

  13. whattheactualfuck

    Volbeat - Mary Jane Kelly

  14. Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop

    buzzfeed unsolved is becoming buzzfeed solved

  15. Puny_God

    That painting from Australia aboriginal drawings and they're clearly human

  16. Gaming Guio

    Why they don’t burned the doll

  17. PhantomStella

    The narrator has a nice voice

  18. Just_a_random_squirrel

    At the beginning of this documentary, I was looking forward to seeing Serge at the end as I hear how Aria's father described Serge and their friendship. I was looking forward to seeing them dance again and reminisce the past. But I didn't expected how the story would end. Whatever it is that was running inside Serge's head, I think Aria's father was able to calm them. Serge's story is sad. He was troubled. But if there's something that I loved about this story, it would he that at one point, Serge was able to find peace and happiness with Aria's father.

  19. Puny_God

    Shane: You're a coward! Ryan: He said that Ryan: But I agree with him Ryan: He meant it more though Ryan: So hit him

  20. Areyousaying idontknowmyname

    I am going to guess the film would have been a flop if they stuck to the truth. The priest heard a voice, had a bit of a sniffle and went on holiday. The end

  21. Naoicon

    I’m sad Halloween is dying, being overshadowed by the over marketing of Christmas.

  22. Danny Tanner

    Did the other 21 kids in the experiment also become serial killers?

  23. vandana pathania

    Did anyone see that gorilla on 0:39 ?

  24. SushiItzMe

    I think it's just our father JC who is just messing around Shane and Ryan

  25. Danny Tanner

    Came here for Shane 😥

  26. Bloodreign137

    Nothing more than left wing propaganda. Project Veritas proves just about everything you said wrong.

  27. life of chris

    Her name was mercy but she was given none how ironic

  28. Erik Anderson

    When prisoners "hang themselves " they dont always get fully suspended. They mostly tie off at a high point in the cell and then use body weight to pull nose tight and sit so that their weight is pulling down and cutting off the oxygen.

  29. Danial Haziq

    Annebelle and others : Maybe if we dont move he will go away.

  30. ClydeMarie Marquez

    Money Heist inspired? Cool

  31. Jason Spades

    It was dan aykroyd. Im sure the show was just canceled

  32. Anthony Vela

    This is a good one if bob dean in this story what about jimmy dean 😎

  33. Jason Spades

    These are all insurance agents...lol

  34. Malissa Marcos

    Quarantine hair 🤣

  35. yummykiwi

    Edison .. 🤣 POS guy

  36. Puny_God

    Shane:* Prepares to enter a dark and demon-filled room Shane: *Deep breath Shane: *Hey there demons, it's me, ya boi.* Demons: *sighs of disappointment

  37. Lardcomposite

    Ryan: "Looks like a can of alien juice." Shane: "... Is that where this is... Fuckin going...? 😒"

  38. The Crusader

    Damn need to hide my civic asap

  39. akhila b

    "it's a crime parfait" - shane

  40. Satiné Petit


  41. Amanda M

    Please do an episode on the disappearances of Kris Kremers And Lisanne Froon. VERY interesting case of 2 Dutch girls who went missing in Panama while on a hike. Their backpack with their camera and cell phones was found and revealed pictures they took (and a mysterious deleted photo) with creepy night pictures (one of the one's hair) and over 70 calls to emergency numbers. Some of their partial remains were found but no one knows what happened. One photo that scared me was a night photo of ripped paper and a reflective item on a rock. There was a comparison to a photo the girls took at a restaurant earlier in their trip and it looks like the ripped paper is a map they had. But yeah extremely interesting case, lots of things left behind and found, lots of theories. I'd love to hear you guys cover it. Cheers

  42. Nick Merola

    I hate buzz feed with a deep passion except for this series

  43. Rory Triscuit

    why did nobody help them with the Spanish omgggg

  44. Lexi

    12:12 "if you have to use the word technically, you're already in trouble" - klaus hargreeves

  45. Voan Siam

    Not too bright is he? Should had stay retire then he would had never gotten caught but then again he would had been forgotten anyways and like Freddy Krueger, a killer never want to be forgotten. They want to raise fear and in the end it's what they aren't familiar with that would be their downfall.

  46. Alex Tran

    I'm not sure but, I think I saw a figure at 15:29 on Ryan's right

  47. HonestlyCrayz


  48. ed008ue

    I cry B.S. mail-in voter fraud is in full effect, there are reports of Ballots being tossed in the Garbage, let alone the Campaign staff workers tossing them aside in the trash.

  49. Mark camp

    Talks about combusting people Me: its time to call special fire force

  50. TheMisanthropist TM

    Holy crap, Shane is that boring white guy who basically failed improv class.

  51. QueenYavanna

    So I took my Nepalese boyfriend and his roommates there as a bit of a "Texas culture" tour. They spent the whole time calling the goatman "Mr. Tumnus" with the same energy that Shane had. 🙃

  52. Meghan Smith

    thank you for posting helpful and important information. it’s good to see that there is still hope in times of lies like this.

  53. Kiera Wegewitz

    Where’s the hotdaga?

  54. VibeCheck

    if you sub to me, you will get nothing, i will gain satisfaction.

  55. El Dorado

    With Ryan's pronunciation of brazen, it's confirmed he's watched too many brazzers videos

  56. VibeCheck

    if you sub to me, you will get nothing, i will gain satisfaction.

  57. VibeCheck

    if you sub to me, you will get nothing, i will gain satisfaction.

  58. Journey Welborn

    Imagine if when Ryan was fake crying for his mom someone comes out of their house to save him lmao

  59. Eileen Sun

    for the postmortem: isn't jewelry heavy? how did they carry all of it? did they have like wagons? if they did have wagons, why did nobody notice or were they just like "oh i wonder what's in those bags. guess i'm not going to check. they totally aren't stealing jewels or anything like that." and if they didn't have wagons, how did they carry it all? sure they had cars but how did they transfer the jewels to the car?

  60. dolls cheeks

    Sounds like a devil 😈 to me...

  61. Journey Welborn

    Curly: "Are you here?!" *target commercial plays* Me: 😱

  62. Journey Welborn

    If they sent me to walk along the stream by myself I would just find a rock and eat a donut. Let my team worry lmao

  63. Alpha Omega

    Iceland Guards: Committing waterboarding & and forcing confessions through obvious torture methods. Guantanamo Bay Guards: Hey! Stop stealing our moves!

  64. aola wili

    The interaction between Ryan and Shane is comedic gold, they talk about murdering each other like it’s an everyday conversation about what’s for lunch lmao

  65. Denita Arnold

    Watching again in late 2020. All hail the Watcher

  66. lxrkuroko

    It's possible that the murderer of the boy is his family, peers and/or neighbours and that is why they never claimed that boy to be their child :/

  67. Melissa B

    Ohh theres theories that she played the elevator game

  68. Lalitendu Das

    This is basically story of the lighthouse

  69. Becca Winward

    in the lady's story ab sleep paralysis if the dog was standing on her and barking at the entity in the room then how did she feel the dogs breath of her face like wouldn't it be facing away from her face ? sus!!