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  1. SuicideRose

    Anybody else randomly start to get recommended their videos?

  2. D2 MightyDork

    What did you expect...it was Mace Windu’s lightsaber!

  3. EldrenOfTheMist

    You guys are Having way to much Fun. XD LOL

  4. Akaliptos

    nice..now the robbers will have a new tool

  5. Greg Austin

    Perfect tool to break into a safe full of cash lmao

  6. Adryan Yandell

    wish he had used stormbreaker

  7. ねこJay

    This group of Men Could be are SUPERheroes.

  8. Izen Salinas

    No worry about how someone entered ur property

  9. Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini

    You make it seem like its big but it isnt even as big as my ego.

  10. Some Random Dude

    Bro imagine if he made Optimus Primes energon sword and axe

  11. Ricky RNS

    This is amazing! Strange is one of my favorites, so seeing this is just incredible. Keep up the awesome work, Hacksmith!

  12. Orry Cluff

    He really looks like benedict cumberbatch’s doctor strange

  13. Coopindahouse

    You’ve got to to fit your new repulsor on this

  14. ECR SH49


  15. David Avery Rousey

    You guys should make a mandalorian helmet

  16. Oliver Wagner

    If you build things from games, then why don't you build a power armor from Fallout 4?

  17. dra6o0n

    Make giant muscles out of that for a mecha, then you can have a working prototype of a 'gundam/mech warrior' type of machine. Basically you'd need to replicate the muscle structure of a real world human body, robotics parts used in actual robots has fixed joints though and runs via motor which could be inefficient sometimes and really static.

  18. R A I N Y

    (Cops Called!!!) (Almost Died!!!) (Gone Sexual!!!)

  19. Vergil Stark

    Actually, I really wanna see Hack simith will make a Gundam robot in next video, hahahahah,although Japan BANDAI has made it become to be real

  20. Caz

    So AR400 is tough, I don't think it's much of a structural metal... I may be wrong but it's more brittle and doesn't flex under impact. My choice for a great metal that is really tough is T1 or known as A 514.

  21. Mike Reed

    The U.S military has requested your location

  22. Meme Doctor

    Builds a gun. Proceeds to flag everyone.

  23. Nicolas Sayada

    I’m an electrician and I’ve used plasma cutters, and I even took metal shop too oh and I’ve been to burning man a few times, so I loved this! Great Job you guys

  24. Andrew Garza

    1 billion subs in the little update? That's really ambitious.

  25. Jack Morrow

    A lot of the attempts were just straight up not thinking with portals

  26. Logan Patrick

    These guys have a PHD of being the smartest guys on Earth

  27. Chandler Bing

    I’m not huge on Star Wars but that looks soo cool

  28. Patrick Robinson

    Imagen trying to rob thia guys shop and being hit it the face by a wakandan shield

  29. Tea Pot

    I would recommend to punch that mean guy with that fist

  30. Kylo Renfred

    This is when the lightsaber would've become handy

  31. yang eric

    why don't you build an iron man suit with an ark reactor and repulsers and rockets, just combine them

  32. JetEyeKnight

    Don’t give yourself welders eye


    I like your iron-man Helmet 😊

  34. TheBeastPro Gaming

    I am commenting on every video I will watch, so you are likely to see my name :)

  35. Chandler Bing

    I’m gonna give you a tip to sound smart Just say duh when someone Tells you a very scientific theory

  36. IveGot TheSauce

    Did no one think thermite

  37. carson leander

    People are gonna think it's the confederate flag on your bike

  38. YimYam

    Dude id give anything to work there, im in such a rut, im not an engineer or anything but i learn extremely fast and occasionally spout out really good ideas

  39. onemoon 1234

    What province are you in

  40. LifeHacks4You

    Silver Surfer, not the lamest super hero, but close.

  41. lrmclinn

    Congratulations you've invented a filament!

  42. Lautaro Leaniz

    che flaco njo la pensas poner

  43. John Nelson

    Simply fkn outstanding!👍👍👍👍👍

  44. Reaper's Creed

    5:55 is where it truly starts

  45. KILO Krafts

    3:50 you couldnt be holding this katana anymore WRONG then u already are

  46. Myx Estaa

    imagine he's your science teacher

  47. Likebird 66


  48. SupaMario el BlaXicano

    no offense to these guys from hacksmith... but i wonder how authorities would act when a middle eastern, black person or any other person of color gets the tools to make these kind of weapons

  49. Easy Peazzy

    Is it weird that he voted himself?

  50. Gabrielle Tan

    i also downloded hony

  51. Cjdakid 08

    I love when he acted like he was calling Mr. beast

  52. Nikajac :]

    Make mystyrio’s hologram drones! I need portable holograms to be made! Also put the guns in it so it can still shoot

  53. eric laksmana

    8:11 looks like smth from a horror movie or smth when a person get burned alive

  54. Enderchicken Studios

    The video name gave me a head ache. All I did was read it...

  55. Josiah Phillips

    Don’t care still want a 150 😂

  56. KehnanXGamer

    The military should give this man a factory

  57. Emiliano Sanchez

    I f ing love this channel

  58. Noah Gomez vlogs

    What if you had the fire and a metal wire but make the wire short but it steady the plasma or some how make the metal and plasma retract but you do you

  59. Gabrielle Tan

    i subscirb and the bell and thumbs up to so give it to me

  60. Tamashī Shukketsu

    I want a Jarvis. How?

  61. i420 yeeter

    So they recreate this except,in a safe body

  62. Thiago Rodrigues

    Light saber == lighter unleashing a big flame haha

  63. Johannesburg

    Jesus Christ, you actually did it A real, goddamn lightsaber I am in disbelief

  64. José A.

    I want mine in blue color please! :)

  65. MH D

    The hack smith should do a colab with mark rober and make an invention

  66. Gabrielle Tan

    pls give it to me pls

  67. Djorgal

    "This beam is really cool, it's burning at 4000°F." And you call that cool?

  68. Emily An

    Long story short the answer is : Yes, but actually no.

  69. Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

    you guys have made actual laser swords, how the hell are you not sought after by the government?

  70. florin badica


  71. Grayson Brown

    I watch you every day hoping I could build stuff like this when I grow up

  72. MetaL0037

    Qué increíble lo al pedo que están algunos y la guita que gastan en hacer boludeces

  73. funny haha internet memes

    27 degrees HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? oh its celsius ok i have no idea what temperature that is.

  74. Lorenzo Estrada

    What about the iron man glove

  75. Modern Hacker

    Keep the light saber away from your hair

  76. Arslan TV

    There is no point doing it with Safe as It will burn all the money in it.

  77. pratik bhalothia

    Song plz 5:54

  78. Preston Bean

    Are you able to miniaturize your arc reactor in order to power your lightsaber

  79. Damion Bell

    In the welding world we call that a rose bud!!!!