The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack: Official Reveal Trailer

The Sims

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    A haunting new pack is crossing over to our realm: The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack* is available on January 26! Get the first details here:
    Spectral guests cause mischief and mayhem on Haunted House Lots, leaving behind accursed objects and scaring innocent Sims. With spooky activity on the rise, it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Luckily, Guidry the Ghost is happy to offer advice for sending these ghastly roommates packing. Perform séances, clean up the lot, and commune with the dead to clear them out. Once the lot is back to serenity, consider a career as a Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims!
    Learn more about this Stuff Pack:

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    1. The Sims

      Are you ready for #TS4Paranormal?👻🔮💀🕯️ A haunted stream appears on Jan 22nd:

      1. Straw Berry

        The big thing we need is honestly the small,tiny details that made sims 2 the game that everyone comes back to. A microwave that rotates, birthday balloons that pop, pizza delivery guy that gets the pizza from the back of the car, kids running to their dads and hugging them home from work, etc. The sims 2 had so many tiny, realistic details that made the game come to life. Make a expansion pack that gives the sims more real-life scenarios, dont worry so much on themes, we have enough cc creators already for that, come back to what you USED to be sims, a real life simulation game, not a false advertisement game

      2. cerberuiis


      3. S C

        @Nathan Not to forget an overhaul of the traits, aspirations, memories, sentiments, whims, babies, npc, etc...

      4. Hunter Zu

        @Sean MacGuire I agree

      5. Sean MacGuire

        The Sims no mate give us werewolves and fairies

    2. smoky joe

      I shall recreate season 1 of AHS in child friendly.

    3. Memes

      y’all all mad but I think this pretty cool

    4. Obi Rhaz

      I came for the trailer but stayed for the song.... so what's the name of this song? :D

    5. Conan Edogawa

      Everyone be asking for stupid babies and farm packs but what about FIXING THE SIMS THEMSELVES!

    6. Jacki Nicole

      Why do the clothes look like they’re from the ‘70’s though?

    7. Klara

      i just want to be able to own a zoo

    8. Lucy

      What's the name of song?

    9. Blenda Camargo

      Yeah yeah yeah, ghosts, very nice we had that already, but where's the *werewolves, fairies, elves, genies, zombies* etc???

    10. M B

      ¿Pa cuando los hombres lobo?

    11. David Drachenberg

      EA are u ok? U realy make vomit, stil stealing money from people on 6 year old game, which is actualy worse then 2/3? GFU!

    12. Marinella & Casey Warren

      The style of Build and Clothing of this pack it's very New Orleans Vibes xx

    13. Siena Rose

      so no werewolves?🧍‍♂️

    14. Aiden.Fdez_


      1. Dead_Phoenix

        Haunt Me by XY&O

    15. Gabby

      Where’s the ghost buster like career where we can catch ghosts like they had it in the sims 3 ambitions or where’s the fortune teller career??? Come on EA I’m with you on this but I was expecting more than 1 career 😔

    16. Kerrie

      Looks ok. None of the paranormal, spellcaster or vampire type stuff has been as good to me as supernatural was in 3. Granted there's been some improvement and I'm grateful for the people who make sims as good as possible.

    17. Annika Kl

      I feel like for TS4 this is okay. However, people would've gotten so mad had they sold something like this for 10 quid during TS3. A whole, rich paranormal expansion pack could've included so much depth. :( This game is so shallow, it's sad.

    18. Roblox İmc


    19. crazyloophole

      Okay but what song is that?

    20. dfnkzsvvzsv elsvsvmsvxzc

      Why do this... little spirits look like a snot?

    21. Kori Slater

      this should be a game pack. not a stuff pack. come on EA, get it together XD

    22. Heart Black

      Everyone hating or not liking the pack but I love it- :')

    23. Julio Brenes

      Really I miss the years of Glory of this game... Their producers lost their head thinking about money 💔

    24. simtxi

      where is the supernatural pack? we have enough ghost i swear

    25. IruzHalsted

      Worst part is that there are a lot of ppl who will buy this crap and keep helping EA to fill their pockets with money they dont deserve. This SP is crap, like everything they released since the third EP.

    26. Catherine Rendon

      Lemme go back to bustin' out 🙏👌

    27. Sophie The supreme

      Might as well just name this spooky stuff pack #2

    28. Anonimova


    29. Georgiana Macdonald

      This pas k actually looks really cool

    30. Mount C

      I love this, but why, why, WHY couldn't this have been part of a previous pack?! Instead of splitting supernatural stuff into three different packs, they should have been part of the one big pack!

    31. Sien shook

      you guys are asking for stuff you'll never get, so just shush and take what you get.

    32. Mwkeomdjdkwosmdke Wkdomrkdneidkem

      Ms.Gurl what is this?😰🤢Best friend I thought we told you to work on the base game before adding anymore add-ons.

    33. Angeles

      Can you add cars next?

    34. Ginger Truncale

      yes, this is what we meant by give us more real life gameplay.

    35. ricericericericericericericerice

      Finally more occult content! 💖 And this stuff pack has more in-depth gameplay than Island Living and Snowy Escape! 😂

      1. Karatekid jy

        Well ...

    36. Withered Leaves

      Aren't that Boos, ghost characters in Super Mario, with colors? 🤣

    37. Jamais Vu

      The sims 4 is already paranormal enough with all of the bugs and glitches.

      1. Mueed


    38. Ava A.

      This is a replay of the My First Pet Stuff

      1. TOMI

        Not even close

    39. Withered Leaves

      HILARIOUSLY BAD 🤣 I love the perseverance

    40. Muonikas

      so doodoo

    41. abhijeet guha

      The trailer looks fun but i know that I'm going to be bored with this pack in three days after playing

    42. Adriana Nicolau

      It was better if it was on halloween..

    43. Idiots Corner

      Me sat waiting for a farming pack to come out 😌✌🏻

    44. Begüm Özkaynak


    45. Marielle Ssegujja

      the fact that this a stuff pack and not an expansion pack is really telling. they’re trying to clean up their image.

    46. Sam H.

      Literally no one wants more elaborate ghosts.. yall producers really should have waited and made an entire supernatural expansion that people have been asking for for years not this half assed waste of money and I have almost all the additions besides star wars and this... Very disappointing.

    47. edgeshott

      *Okay guys it's time to bring Prof. Trelawney's predictions to alive*

    48. seraphina ram

      justice for bonehilda's coffin

    49. Jana Jovicic

      I LOVE IT!!!

    50. Jana Jovicic

      00:17 I thought she sad : That`s annoying 🤣😂😁

    51. XPlastasticX X

      What the they should of released this shiz on Halloween or not at all actually

    52. e Esther play yt

      Is scary

    53. Mantas Kami

      LMAO, so why they didn't implement something like this in spooky stuff? Dear god Maxis and EA suck so much at this point.

    54. Luana Brito Tischler

      Que incrível

    55. kimshadows

      Bro , cars🏎🚗, theme park🎢🎡, shopping centers🛍, zombies 🧟‍♀️, update(dramatic cut scenes) like sims 2🎬

    56. Anel Alikeyeva

      Add fairies already...

    57. Leech Jar

      Ah yes! A Halloween themed pack. Perfect for the Winter season...?

    58. Cora D'Abato

      Why did you make them have that voice it is idk

    59. lkajil \ كاجي

      We want custom world ,that is not impossible ,Why don't you do as the players want

    60. Máté Pollák

      Yes! We everyone can pay another 20 dollars for the same thing...

    61. Joshua Camps

      Sims has lost its touch, repetitive dlcs, (which are too expensive for what they are) recycled content. EA if you really want your product to sell well. Make a Sims 2 remake. With all the dlcs with it (all in one).

    62. SloshyOsmosis

      Can’t wait to pirate it!

    63. Fran Castro

      Good, now, where is my werewolf?

    64. 610 Hobbies

      Hopefully ghosts will no longer need to eat or poop.

    65. Jaila Petersen

      It’s not even Halloween

    66. Farroh Rahma

      i'm lowkey loving this pack

    67. Alyssa Whitmire

      Is it free

    68. Jayvis Mendoza

      Next on "Things That Should've Been in the Base Game!".

      1. Jayvis Mendoza

        @Tomás Fangueirothe base game already had ghosts. This really isn't that far of a stretch.

      2. Tomás Fangueiro

        This wouldn't make any sense in the base game so idk what you're talking about..

    69. C00KiE_ REDEMPTi0N

      Jim Pickens couldn't survive some spirits set on revenge

    70. Dian Manalo

      there will be beds in this new pack



    72. Rob E Coyote

      Doesn't Sims have a particularly unfortunate reputation with creepy doll items?

    73. Noeliz Ramos

      That great....c-can we get bunk beds now??? A baby update?

    74. Saber is love, Saber is life

      So many missed potential for this kind of theme. Instead it's relegated to a stuff pack. EA is separating every little thing and career to make as much money as possible.


      I'm down. I have a character, who I've made in the sims, who is a medium, who has an oddities and antique shop.. With this pack I can actually make that a thing. This excites me.

    76. Allana Dantas

      Horrible... I can’t believe they really waste time producing something like that...

    77. Jeppe Aarskov

      0:32 *CoRONaViRuS* lul

    78. Lllamaface

      I love how passionately the team is working on ParaLives... Oops, sorry I'm at the wrong video...

    79. ThievzGaming

      I'd love a game pack for werewolves or all the other paranormal cas from sims 3

    80. ー全てー

      Boring not gonna lie

    81. Impulse 2152

      Such a missed opportunity that you didn't add Ghostbusters clothes and equipment.

      1. Dundee

        @Impulse 2152 That's because Star Wars games are licensed under EA so they have the right to drop Star Wars content into the Sims

      2. Impulse 2152

        They added Star Wars.

      3. Dundee

        I'm fairly sure they can't just add trademarked properties like that.

    82. Rich ñam ñam

      Am I the only one that thinks the main problem with sims 4 its about taking the game seriously? I'm not talking about the "Cartoonish" look of the game (the graphics are good) but the gameplay overall feels childish and Inmature , like WTF with those bubbly ghosts ? , WTF with that upbeat song in this trailer? And i hate when the sims overreact (its supposed to be funny or something?) .... Im expecting a creepy and mysterious kind of vibe from something like this and its like we're seeing the same trailer for all the packs but with different items. The last expansion wasn't that bad, but once again i feel disappointed.... Hopefully one day they'll be committed to create a solid concept and push it into the limit. Attention to details, that's true immersion. Its the least we must expect from a company that has been getting a lot of money from all of us.

    83. PaperVisage

      0:26 That's Johnny Depp and you can't change my mind

    84. Lauren Fessler

      I just want to have cars like the sims 2

    85. Matthew Williams

      The fact you can't be a ghostbuster is a really missed opportunity

      1. Matthew Williams

        @STARPHASE Don't give me that you know exactly what I mean Don't be one of those people man

      2. STARPHASE

        That's basically what a paranormal investigator is...

    86. Slackie G

      I'm starting to really question if The sims in its "completed" state could possibly ever justify the 100s in cost

    87. Kai

      At this point I’m just waiting for open world and cars

    88. Kai

      Why are we paying for something that should have been included as a supernatural expansion along with realm of magic and vampires. This is ridiculous.

      1. Tomás Fangueiro

        yk you can just ✨not buy/pay✨ right?

    89. Kai

      Y’all need to read the room

    90. Ophelia Nox

      I'm excited, though I wish it was a full expansion pack.

    91. Mark Roland Almanzor

      Cold hearted simmers be like: i aint downloading this it makes my sims die

    92. Fleetwood.Stevie

      Been wanting a pack like this for so long! Can’t wait for the tons of people telling me I’m wrong and stupid for being excited for it 🙃🙃🙃

    93. Atalante241

      They could’ve just given us a full on supernatural expansion pack

    94. oiuet souiu

      i like this pack but i’m just gonna be honest here for a moment: all of this should’ve been included with the realm of magic

    95. leonie plays

      Er want a farm pack 😐

    96. emily xoxo

      what a load of dogshite. ea i beg please give us some well developed werewolves and fairies. or just change the black hair so that it doesn’t have a blue tinge. ill give you the keys to my house

    97. Ri co

      Such bullshit

    98. Hazel

      please add horses

    99. Sammy The wammy

      The way I was VIBIN with the music

    100. Art Cz

      Nie mogę się doczekać