Rota - You Didn't Understand



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    Lyrics & Music : Rota, Hi-Hit
    Mix : Serkan Özyurt
    Mastering : Gurur Gelen
    Prod. : Rota Rec.

    Lyrics :

    You didn't understand me
    I am literally hungry
    Not to the money, bread, or being favorite
    What a shame, he is playing good guy for the past 20 years
    You didn't understand until they raped a child
    I explained that for years but you didn't understand
    You didn't understand the difference between effort and compromise
    What is a charlatan, what is charlatan, what is it for
    You understood Kerimcan, but didn't understand me
    Refuse, wait at home, say it will change eventually
    Like the early election can change a shit
    You are a slave, a rag, with this unsolveable education
    You understood the "akp" but didn't understand this play
    All dumb devils i exist with my middle fingers
    This pit is not my place, you guys stay in it
    I am at the bright side, alone with the darkness
    You worshiped the president, but didn't understand me
    Ten times poor from the other people
    You should be gratefull from their eyes
    Asking for justice is luxury, I always say spit
    You didn't understand what have I risked

    Maybe my race, maybe my religion or language
    Maybe my opinion or your hatred
    You didn't understand me not even a day
    Why and how you didn't understand me
    You should replace me
    You can send me from my home only with my dead body
    'Cause you didn't understand me

    Torah, Psalms, Bible, Quran
    Even those couldn't explain to you a bit
    Religious Affairs explains, cause there is people who believe
    You understood the god but not the message
    They don't wake up
    They see, not hear
    Understand me before you get a bag of tea at your face
    They made us sleep for the past half century buy saying "dudu, şinanay"
    You understood the Sezen and Tarkan but couldn't understand the Nazım
    That's why you're a big fan of corrupt imbeciles
    At least half of them are brainless, their only concern is the number of followers
    I don't care what makeup, ass and car
    You were deceived by the sultanate and didn't understand the revolution
    All eyes watches and peeps
    I accepted, it's cnot possible for you to hear
    So why did I tell you this?
    My name is Rota, my name is meaning, you don't get it
    At least a hundred times miserable than others
    Life turned me off from people, people from life
    Even empty clouds are smarter than those in this lands
    Even the cloud understood me but you didn't

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