Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)


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    Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
    The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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    Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Synth Central

      Lana is a breath of fresh air

    2. Matthew Bustamante

      I feel like I'm having a nightmare while watching this video, and it's kinda kewl~

    3. Lara Türkel

      We missed you, please come again to Turkey (Turkish fans)💜❤️💙🥺

    4. Luca Buzzoni

      Bella la retina per scolare la frittura😂❤️

    5. family bekas

      Shes so pretty i cant

    6. Endah Wulandari, SE


    7. malloybeats

      I don't get why she wanted to add such a dark tone to the video at the end, ruins it.

      1. Heather Rayner

        Its the point if the song, its meant to show how the ideal life she appears to live isn't as happy or fulfilling as it seems. Mainly that she feels like she has settled down and can't be as wild as she once was even tough she wants to be.

    8. Daniel Dabbas

      Her videos have to be showed in the Louver

    9. john smith

      The Classic Classy Rich White one admits it.... but everyone wants it....

    10. The Black Swan

      Can't wait to hear Ajay scream "BEEEAAAACCHHH 🏖️!! TRANSITIONSSSS!!"

    11. elize

      It's 2100 and teenagers are listening to this, saying they were born in the wrong era

    12. alicia

      her visuals always serve 💜

    13. lucho pobletee

      te amo

    14. Luna Saints


    15. Prag Matic

      Wow, she's addressing some heavy s-it. Country club the Bohemian Grove?! Adrenochromers and all.

    16. Jentaifer

      This is the one of the 2 songs I actually like from Lana.

    17. Thielly Ferreira

      😍😍😍😍😍 brazil i love Lana

    18. M Ci

      For me her music now isn’t so attractive as before ...

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Happy every day

    19. SynSkateXlub

      lanas transfromation to the other side like beyonce and shasta f

      1. wnnalis cioov


    20. Oscar Myers

      Who else made lemonade after watching this ? 🍋

    21. PLAY YAK

      love it

    22. Tramp America

      Wow another stupid satanist this country could use less of

    23. Chante Strydom

      I F3cking love this song

    24. Alexis Marie

      This gave me chills.

    25. no


    26. Frangiee

      Her vocals during the shower scene- I’m in love with them I’m kinda pressed they aren’t in the actual audio 🦷

    27. P Wynn

      Lana does it again ! Bad ass diva 👩‍🎤 💯

    28. Arturo E.

      Half of the song looks like travis scotts animations

    29. Cecilia Lieras

      She's evil

    30. Joélisson Alcântara

      Que perfeitoooo aaaaa

    31. сяува тв

      Кто после Алексея Шевцова? Но голос у неё реально красивый. Кремле-боты накрутить 30k Лайков.

    32. mya cowmeadow


    33. Angela Del Rosario

      Omg lana never gets old, she's aging like fine wine

    34. Aspen A

      I don’t think I’ve seen anything more beautiful

    35. Aspen A

      Lady’s and gentlemen: lizzy Grant. 🌼🤍👑🎀🌻👑🕰🤍📺

    36. blue beaut

      I. love. lana.

    37. Verônica Delamare

      não erra nunca! 🖤

    38. a m

      I believe she knows the difference between reality and non-reality. And I love her. A lot. Love you Lana...


        What do you mean she knows the different between reality and non-reality?

    39. Layla Silverio

      This is a whole aesthetic! She killed this

    40. Dylan Reyes

      She deserves more views. ❤️

    41. Henry Links

      Oh thank gosh theres a comment section. Thank God. I love reading what people have to say and especially when i learn how to deal with trolls or difficult people. Also, i have become more aware of my own toxic behaviours as a result of seeing myself in some negative comments. So comment sections may be toxic sometimes but it give me the chance to learn and grow as a human, to become better and more kind to myself and others, less judgemental etc. God bless you all and much love.

    42. Thank,u next

      the video went weird after 2:21 great song tho

    43. Joshua Monge

      stream chemtrails

    44. Galaxy Cat

      Oh and the end is sooooo scary

    45. Víctor Manuel Quinto Pimentel

      Iloveyou lana

    46. Víctor Manuel Quinto Pimentel

      My song of the year

    47. Oya somebody

      No one: Lana: wanna check how quick you'll click?

    48. Michael Osbirne

      Hope u find me

    49. Michael Osbirne

      This is some wonderfull music

    50. Michael Osbirne


    51. Mariana Silveira

      I'm totally ready for this new phase

    52. Moon B

      What a heavenly voice 😍🖤

    53. ICONIQUE by Deniss K

      Where is male friend? No you lezzes cant have it all ... or can you...

    54. Alexandra Kleeman

      That mask is really not sufficient to stop the transmission of CoVid


        But no one is dying of Covid, it’s all fake to get people to accept the mandatory mark of the beast and religious inhibitor vaccines, the CDC even admitted 94% of Covid deaths had underlining conditions, the positive PCR tests report 90% false positives, and that they count anyone who died for any reason while testing positive for Covid or just having Covid symptoms as dying OF Covid, and masks cause bacterial pneumonia which is what a lot of people are dying of and being labeled as Covid deaths, so in reality, masks causes what people think is Covid, and not wearing a mask or wearing the masks she is wearing protects your self from dying of Bacterial Pneumonia which people will think/be told is Covid, so basically her mask does protect her from Covid

    55. Cotton Baby

      I fell in love again ✨💗

    56. Anita Dick

      I’m still so strange and wild

    57. Gia Calderon

      i love this woman sm.

    58. chleia

      okay lana wow💖💗💘

    59. have fun

      I'm on the run with you, my sweet love There's nothing wrong contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearing our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playin' it cool Under the chemtrails over the country club Take out your turquoise and all of your jewels Go to the market, the kids' swimming pools Baby, what's your sign? My moon's in Leo, my Cancer is sun You won't play, you're no fun Well, I don't care what they think Drag racing my little red sports car I'm not unhinged or unhappy, I'm just wild I'm on the run with you, my sweet love There's nothing wrong contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearing our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playin' it cool Under the chemtrails over the country club Meet you for coffee At the elementary schools We laugh about nothing As the summer gets cool It's beautiful, LSD Normality settles down over me I'm not bored or unhappy I'm still so strange and wild You're in the wind, I'm in the water Nobody's son, nobody's daughter Watching the chemtrails over the country club Suburbia, The Brentwood Market What to do next? Maybe we'll love it White picket, chemtrails over the country club My love, my love Washing my hair, doing the laundry Late night TV, I want you on me Like when we were kids Under chemtrails and country clubs It's never too late, baby, so don't give up It's never too late, baby, so don't give up Under the chemtrails over the country club (You're born in the December, I'm born in June) Yeah Under the chemtrails over the country club (You're born in the December, I'm born in June) Yeah, my Cancer is sun and my Leo is moon My Cancer is sun and my Leo is moon

    60. Anaihyia Neal

      This video is demonic af wtf and the song is trash , why are children in some scenes? The symbolism 😬

    61. Heathen

      Take out your tortoise 🐢 and all of your mules 🐴

    62. Maria Quintero

      te amooo

    63. Mark Stratton

      What’s with the super porous mask? Is it stupid political or just normal stupid?


        It might be symbolic for how masks don’t protect you from anything, masks actually cause bacterial pneumonia and that’s what a lot of people are dying from and they’re being labeled as Covid deaths

    64. Astreal Fysher

      Can the brother write a song for us?

    65. Ehrensache : Juni bleibt stabil

      watching the chemtrails?! .. wtf..

    66. Barbara Hilton


    67. Jigsaw

      Si bad ☹️

    68. turbulentbeauty

      I love the 40s vibe to her hair. Very effortless glam.

    69. Jody Wheeler

      I feel like Lana should reference Nintendogs in a song

    70. Lindsay Kuzia

      This is curing my covid yassss queen!!!💕❤👑👑👑❤💕💕👸👸

    71. Galaxy Cat

      She sounds like an angel

      1. sydney

        She is an angel😎

    72. Venus The Stranger

      The new album sounds like watching a beautiful bowl of fruit rot.

    73. Darina Tolpeeva

      Боже, храни Лану Дель Рэй

      1. Хельсинг

        Бога нету, и мы все смертные.

    74. JP Holiday

      Combantrin or Mebensazole kills most of those fucking things I have discovered in my worst days with vampirical things.

      1. JP Holiday

        Getting fangs with the last of my cash...just because.

      2. JP Holiday

        I'm sure there's a way to kill what made those fact I know there is. Never giving up.

    75. sponnge bobe


      1. sydney


    76. JP Holiday

      I'm gonna play. God has nothing to do with it.

    77. GreenLightMe

      why she fat now? Is she pregnant?

      1. sydney

        No.. she’s doesn’t have an ED now and is healthy. She looks great

      2. emilio rosario

        no, she`s just healthier than ever.

    78. Aleksandr Moskvin


    79. Elliott Rivera

      Infowars brought me here

    80. CharlieTheChip

      Hi guys, here’s my new video 🐿⭐️

    81. Bobo Asia

      Video of the year and it's only January

    82. i am in love

      Her hair is everything..

    83. folumin foluminov

      просто офигенно уважаю твое творчество

    84. folumin foluminov

      краваица привет из ПРоссии

    85. Middle Earth Madi

      When she sang, “My moon is in Leo,” tears started streaming🌜♌️🦁 I recently found out my moon is in Leo and Cancer is the mirror of my Sun sign, Capricorn 🌞♋️🦀 Lana has been resonating with me hard core lately. A few minutes ago I found out that her rising sign is Scorpio like mine ⭐️♏️🦂 I am officially tripping out 🦄🧚‍♀️🐉

    86. Kuziva Mubonderi

      How does this only have 11 million views

      1. deelehk

        it should have more fr

    87. Patrick Lira

      I love you

    88. Sefa Yılmaz

      Turkish Fans

    89. Sefa Yılmaz

      başka leş klipler o kadar izlenirken bu onun için haksızlık değil mi

    90. Sefa Yılmaz

      lananın kendine güvenin gelmesi lazım yoksa depresyona bile girebilir

    91. Sefa Yılmaz

      türklere sesleniyorum gerçek fanlara herkes günde 100 kere tıklasa baksa trendlere bile sokabiliriz

    92. Isabella Rodriguez

      The way that Lana releases this 2 weeks before the full moon in Her Leo ♌️🤍

      1. deelehk

        that’s a rly good observation

    93. Gianluca Manzana

      unfortunately you are not wild Lana... you are in someone's golden cage

    94. Angelo Loren

      Thanks Lana 🔥❤️😭

    95. Angelo Loren

      I love this so much

      1. deelehk

        me aswell

    96. denissa sbiera

      im back

      1. deelehk

        i love ur profile pic

    97. Miriam Ferreira


    98. shajal basnet

      January anyone

    99. Ruby harger

      In my view the real one is I used it today "2:58"

    100. Christine Dennison

      Chemtrails are real

      1. siouxperb5570

        @Christine Dennison Math and physics.

      2. Christine Dennison

        @siouxperb5570 proven my whom

      3. siouxperb5570

        'Chemtrails' are proven to be a mathematically impossible hoax.