[선공개] 리사(LISA)의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = '게 춤'♪ (point. 무표정😶) 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 251회

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    [선공개] 리사의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = '게 춤'♪ (point. 무표정😶)
    #아는형님 #블랙핑크 #리사

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    1. Risha Lorraine Catiis

      Ang cute grabeee

    2. Atiqa 9696

      Before Lisa subscriber knowing bros only 240k+ something, after Lisa 700k subscribed.. The power of Lisa.. Bravo

    3. James Lee

      Lisa's crab dance is really famous in china right now.

    4. 卢圣函


    5. JustiinII

      I like how she can pull this type of stuff off and also the stuff in Lili's film lmao. I said it so many times, but she's still hella talented (even in a fun way like bruh)

    6. غمآژآتي سر حيآتي

      منو مشتهي فراوله☺️

    7. I'm da bunny boo

      Jennie's shout is a supportive wifey!

      1. Khushi Sharma 127


    8. aurelia Namiyah

      Hi fromm tik tok

    9. deku baka

      when this has more likes than other MV

    10. Juan Luis De La Cruz Jimenez

      Lisa suelo suelo

    11. Angela Angelina

      그 움직임은 Lisa를 멍청하게 만들었습니다. yes 멍청하게 아주 멍청하게 hahahhahahahha

    12. bigbosgamingTM tm

      Indo sini

    13. Uzma Oruj

      Sorry to be that person but in the thumbnail, lisa looks like she's doing the torture dance

    14. Crazy Queen

      Who's here after 1m likes 😍

    15. Karla Laine

      I'm just so curious next time they'll guest on Knowing Brothers on what Thai Dance Lisa will teach everyone. Like her taxi dance is so lit and this also.

    16. Rian Rian


    17. boy mei

      LISA QUEEN ♥️♥️

    18. Salsa Ciks

      trstart.net/top/k7FlqGibg5V_gpU/video.html trstart.net/top/k7FlqGibg5V_gpU/video.html trstart.net/top/k7FlqGibg5V_gpU/video.html 한국 사람 beautiful

    19. Karla Laine

      Jennie fangirling so hard on Lisa💕

      1. Khushi Sharma 127

        Cute right 😍

    20. Lilia Dapaah

      Why do I see BamBam doing this?👀👀😭

    21. Tudsy Catoon

      So cute

    22. David Amora

      Talong Ni Juswa

    23. Karla Laine

      Lisa's impact is unbeatable

    24. Seven Night Walker


    25. كل ما يخص الكيبوب

      Omg lisa

    26. Douglas

      1:18 everyone is here for this

    27. ESRA Flower


    28. Hendery's Long lost friend

      I would never keep a Poker Face doing that dance. I would die in the process

    29. Sania Putri Hamdani

      ngakak anjim 😭😭😭😭😭

    30. 이이창윤

      아니 이게 2500뷰야?

    31. Walk Right


    32. Gabry Loves Aziz


    33. Nguyễn Ngọc Thế Quân


    34. Aloha Jell Gempisao


    35. kdmv mijuymray

      ធ្វើមុខឡើងស្មើ Idol

    36. Azheella Faddya

      Bagus banget Lisa

    37. อาทิตย์ เทียนทอง


    38. Hanna Pradiptha

      The bro’s are just gettin’ to it and it’s 👁👄👁👍🏻✨

    39. Kiki Sopyan


    40. alice tradio

      Caption is real... Better for international fan like me... thanks

    41. LilRosy

      Omg Already 1 million likes and 23 millions views. 😍😳

    42. raine

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    43. tasinee hamanan

    44. Yasmim Costa

      Sou do Brasil e amo BLECKPINK

    45. Angga Harianto

      Ada yang orang indonesia kesasar kesini

    46. Emi Lopez

      리사는 댄스 퀸😍😍

    47. Perihan Aktaş

      Blackpink lisa🇹🇷

    48. Shirsha Som

      1m likes damnnnn lisa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    49. Jaeyong Yong

      Lisa Soo cute

    50. Ximena Ramirez

      Aquí esta el comentario latinoamericano que buscabas 👍🏻 I LOVE BLACPINK LIKE SI AMAS A LALISA

      1. Ximena Ramirez

        @Emi Lopez jaja yo igual pero también japonés 👋🏻😊

      2. Emi Lopez

        Yo tambien hablo coreano y ingles🤣

    51. T_H_A_*x EKP*


    52. Saske Uchiha

      Anime да это

    53. 옐린


    54. Adriana Salvador

      Que chica

    55. Hoàng Khải Nguyễn

      Trend Dance

    56. 1616srishti rawat

      Super dance 😄😄👍👌🙏🙏

    57. Andika Jagur

      Repeat again and again while lisa dancing e pi,,, so funny

    58. x ańíëlicat uwu x


    59. x ańíëlicat uwu x


    60. Luze Solo


    61. Tania Olmos

      1M Likes! Woow 😱

    62. Bintar Arza

      Ind hadir cuy😂

    63. Prenses Beren


    64. Quỳnh Đỗ

      Lisa dance quen

    65. 김 한솔BhiuBhiuᅳ

      Astaghfirullah hal adzim 😂🤣

    66. Quỳnh Đỗ

      Lisa dance sexy

    67. Aku Ba ni

      I love you i want marry you

    68. Mahesta Aqsa

      pov: lu kesini dari tiktok

    69. Nữ Thạch

      love blachpink

    70. XD l m noob


    71. IstanThemAll iloveu

      Whattss! 23M 😱 .

    72. ព្រំ ទេពី ៨ក១

      Look at rose , I’m so done with her . She make me laugh in a day . 🤣🤣

    73. Jennie tu patrona

      1:28 ahhh!!! Te amo lisa 💜✨ Lisa lo hizo de nuevo 🤣

    74. Jennie tu patrona

      Mueroooo te amo lisa💜✨

    75. Cale Astra

      23 million views in 1 week 😂 lisa power ❤

    76. Herambo Rabha

      Wow so cute 😘

    77. Aiganym Kairatkyzy


    78. Miss Prayres


    79. dododada dao


    80. Erika Garcia


    81. I Know.

      Dancing cute Lisa from Thailand

    82. MIANS Channel

      Bokong mana bokong

    83. 익명의까마귀

      조회수 개사기닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    84. ThymeArchikins


    85. Mouna Yasmine

      Lisa the best ❤️❤️


      Suddenly everyone starts dancing this dance just because Lisa's dancing. WOW

    87. parisa wongchuen

      Queen Lisa 😍

    88. Pico Japan

      Like that

    89. Angel Mon

      Still #30 trending here in Philippines how about in your country?


      OMG😧😧😧 1. 1M LIKES WOW 2. HER DANCE

    91. Jenlisa Chaesoo

      Lisa can do every expression she want and still look beautiful

    92. Mouna Yasmine

      Fanny 😂😂😂

    93. Huỳnh Ngọc Duyên

      2 weeks 23m views 1m likes ok it so great

    94. Vali Selca

      Can't believe this already has 20+ million viewss🤧 Lisa's power 💪

    95. Aisha Farhana

      l 사랑 ❤️

    96. yzti itzy

      Everyone wants a dance break well here it is

    97. 주원

      와 1주만에 2000만회 돌파 좋아요 103회 블랙핑크 진짜 대단하다ㄷㄷ

      1. Andrea


    98. Gendis Mikaila

      Lisa is funny

    99. Smiraa Bharghavi