$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!



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    Download Brawl Stars now and get a free gift from me in the game! supr.cl/mrbeast

    Thank you GoPro for supplying us with cameras to get some of these shots. You can get them here: prf.hn/l/6bNbQB3

    Shoutout to SOKRISPYMEDIA for helping with visuals!

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    1. MrBeast

      Like I said in the video, subscribe if you haven’t already and you could win $10,000!

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        how about th amount the actual show had

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      Parabéns Mr beast vc passou WWE 👏👏👏👏😀😀

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      Alguien como yo que able español esperando la traducción????? :>

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      ít very good i will subricbe for you

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      Do you really think. That you will escape God’s judgment for your sins.

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      This is tje best vid ive ever watched (・∀・)

    9. Yuri Bungubung

      i Want to play suid game mrbeast

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      I love you videos! My boyfriend would be great in goofy game competitions🤣 he's full of em!

    11. SoliUwU

      La única en español?

    12. memespace

      It cost $3.5 million to produce this?! Holy eff.

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        Bruh your so late

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      lets goooooo

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      Mr beast only hearts people with check marks.

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      Khoon kharaba hamara maksad nhi Mohabbat ka baigam lega aaye h dioluge. Pawan singh dioluge deshbhakti dioluge deshbhakti status deshbhakti spoof duper tem short team all tech short

    16. A Bailey

      How do you know who won the 10,000 subscription? 👀

    17. Christine Morales

      My dog actually died today 😭😭😭😭😭

    18. Trell,Nami

      your squid game has officially surpassed the real squid game in terms of views in the first month

    19. Chang Queng

      go girls u can do it hahaha I have to pause and say some comment lol glass bridge is basic lol

    20. The V Productions

      bro i can’t believe this is the same guy i used to watch smash laptops on minecraft videos

    21. Crazyadventure

      Yo anyone else had anxiety when that one guy almost fell of the edge in tuge of war

    22. Deepak g g

      Mr beast can u fund my course

    23. Pablo X MEME 666

      You get crazier and crazier you legend bruh

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      형이걸 옛날에 느껴본적 있어?!!!

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      Jimmy looks very menacing with his suit

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      Regalame dinero por favor Soy pobre de Venezuela ❤️😭

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      10:00 uuhhh

    28. Chang Queng

      LOL did the player just taught one of the coordinator hahahahahahhaha

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      This is insane

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      Just subscribed and I’ve been watching your videos all day! You’re an amazing human being!❤️❤️❤️

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      형 드디어 미친거야?ㅋㅋㅋ

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      Gila seeh

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      Hello Jimmy love you mrbeast

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      Now, Play Among Us in real life, bet you wont.

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      Ngl this would be a trill for me

    37. Chang Queng

      can I just say that team 10 has some good looking guys hahhahhaha tug of war is kinda difficult and when someone gets fall its over

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      New subscriber here! I am filipino but currently residing at Dubai for work. 😄

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      girls faces are so funny lol


      Go collaboration with Maslennikov

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      sir mysons birthday on this coming december27 and i dont have enough money but its okay

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    45. Selmo Menis

      6:47 some woman's head on the left looks bleeding

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      soy el unico comentario en español?

    48. Geovanny el pro

      I play brawl Stars

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      I know people get benefited by this game.

    51. Apollyn king Gaming

      if TheyMake Season 2 And You MakeA Videocan i be in it

    52. Chang Queng

      you all remaining 120 people after honeycomb is such strong and fearless lol

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      Finally he present a good game ( brawl stars )

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      Mrbeast búscame porfavor quiero tener la misma suerte que los demás :(

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      Legend ❤️

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      Hello, good morning, I'm from Argentina, I want a backpack from your store but I don't have the money, I wish I had one, you are the best, thank you for making us happy.

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      Who hates it when somone rushes you?

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      Az algo por mi xfavor ,no por mí por mi familia UNA CASA O PISO

    62. Leela Draws

      Mr beast. I think you should create a amusement park Called Mr beast Land.

    63. the spiceman

      they let 079 win because hes black

    64. Gordon Trainer

      So ppl donate money and ppl on the show win it, I'm confused . Maybe I missed something . Don't matter st jude and I winning too

    65. unicorn star

      This was fun to watch real life squid game damn

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      You are really legend 🥰

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      You are just wonderful. Thanks for making my heart happy

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      I wish I was in one of those challenges

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      Mmmm no te diste cuenta que mataste al alguien atrás de ti

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      Re-Create The Chocolate Factory!!!!!

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      And people thought it was bad and they where mad smh


      i did it

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      En el primer juego estab re nervioso porque un suspenso enorme

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      Porque en inglés 😠😠😠😠

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      How tf did the set designers get every so spot on?

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