Balloon Pop Racing Is INTENSE!

How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous

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    1. licensetodrive

      Nothing like a How Ridiculous video starting off with a bang, continuing with bangs, then ending with a bang :)

      1. Scf Sdf

        @Md Miqdad B Mk

      2. Scf Sdf


      3. Ranjit Vasava

        @Chanel Stuart up fgjii

      4. Ganesh Bunde

        😜@İbrahim İnçke 3😃2 bvcff कङ

      5. Sim Asim


    2. Gaming with Yaduzzz

      At last he entered god mod 😂

    3. doliio volay

      Nothing like a How Ridiculous video starting off with a bang, continuing with bangs, then ending with a bang :)

    4. Turbo 》》

      He is here to Make us happy everyday ;)

    5. The Last Reply

      Where did that one yellow balloon come from?

    6. Tom Eline

      Heron has been bringing the "A" game lately!

      1. Valdinero Barros


      2. 20 Minutes School


      3. Sonata Tartagonidytė


      4. Catia Forte


      5. Catia Forte


    7. Jarbel _test

      This kind of scared me because I have Balloon phobia but I still watched it anyway

      1. Любовь Карина

        Ййййййййййййй11 1

      2. Любовь Карина


    8. Zardon

      Is it me or is one of the yellow ballons just appearing out of nowhere

    9. 🌱kitkat🍄

      It not a mistake it a ✨ masterpiece ✨

      1. Happy duck

        Who said it was a mistake

      2. Someone

        But ur a mistake

    10. Sushant Verma

      Yellow one did a nice comeback but consistentacy is the key

    11. 777Timberwolf

      😂🤣😂🤣😄😅😆 you guys are funny, love this show, Again keep up the good fun & games

    12. Milena Jovanov

      Got it in the end

    13. Deeply Facts

      Full support bro

    14. rashid jaleel

      these shorts make my day👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

    15. Jason Price

      91 million views... Holy fuck.... We'll look for them to start doing mostly shorts then.......

    16. Jeff Of The Mountains

      Man, Herron has been on an athletics TEAR lately. All he does is win.

      1. Edwin Cordova


      2. Дина Алимбаева

        @Gianni Puface жж

      3. Adrian Leon Moreno

        @Jack Squat El texto que copies se mostrará automáticamente aquíEl texto que copies se mostrará automáticamente aquíEl texto que copies se mostrará automáticamente aquí

      4. Saleem Akhter

        Ho yellow yellow Tumne Tumne han Tum Gaye Tumhen se kyon karte ho pagali video mein acchi chij karna Agali video bhi karna aur Pata Tumne Ek Aur Bhi video Banai Thi please ek aur video banana Is Tarah Ki Tum a jao aur Tumhen like MI used to light Milkar per to main pahle theek hai na tum aaj ke liye bahut acchi video banana aur tum itne theek hai bye bye ko Kaun kamata

    17. Tom Müller

      Man hätte auch an der Wand hochlaufen können . als mit der Hände 🤙👻

    18. Lavon Ward

      Who can tell me where the yellow balloon he caught came from. I researched it 10 times and still don't know 🤣😂🤣

      1. Eidan Khan Rind


      2. Ariv Kaushik

        I was thinking bout the same thing 😂 It appears that the 4th balloon was the culprit though 😂😂

    19. BLUE

      Can we just appreciate these shorts cure our boredom everyday💙

    20. G.s. Sudha

      Isn't balloons an environmental hazard?

    21. lol

      imagine this was the only evidence humans existed😭😂

      1. Eliana Felix


      2. Ebrar nur Göktürk

        @Chalz n

      3. Ebrar nur Göktürk

        Akülü araba

      4. Vishal Kumar

        @O S K g lo

      5. fifis roblox


    22. lamo

      These shorts or so entertaining they make my day ❤️

    23. 공대고양이

      i love their smile before the start

      1. ابو الريم

        ولي رب

    24. 잉잉

      처음에 보고 있는 거 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠ

    25. Cyril

      J’aime beaucoup votre jeux 🤣

    26. Void Sniffer

      A great way to overcome the fear of popping them Bloons

    27. niddg viiut

      i love when he misses one and has to go back, top quality content, plot twist i didn’t expect

      1. Sam Suri

        Bagus kali

    28. Takarii Evans

      Lol Look so fun

    29. MrBeast World

      Can we appreciate all the good work that's so satisfying😊😊🤗🤭

      1. Amadeu

        300000 0000

      2. Amadeu


    30. Alican XX7

      Yellow Is so lost 🤣 no front

    31. I am SanJuanBill70

      Wow! How do you guys go home and act normal after all of this crazy activity. Never mind, it’s great entertainment and thank God you are able to do it. Keep up that great zaniness, we love it.

      1. Serpil Keskin


      2. Obaa Flor


      3. Serpil Keskin

        P5 🍍

    32. Елизавета Паутова

      Amazing 😂

      1. opzz xsin

        This is cool

    33. Chubby Studio

      Can we appreciate that these shorts cure my boredom

    34. it's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

      Did anyone else see a yellow balloon pop out of nowhere?

    35. chetna ghalawat

      If Stanford had started out with his late game strategy he would have easily gotten the win👍🏻👍🏻

      1. Shajuvvvadakkan Vadakkan

        @Livia Free Fire y6

      2. Shajuvvvadakkan Vadakkan

        @Livia Free Fire 444

      3. Livia Free Fire

        @Fadi Mezawi p0pll

      4. Fadi Mezawi


    36. seiom jvony

      Fun! ☺☺☺❤

      1. tuula rannikko


    37. Ronald Parreño

      Pop it,for holidays!

      1. Nilam Patil


      2. Nilam Patil


      3. Nilam Patil

        Xmb, bb, v

      4. Nilam Patil


    38. Ravindra Jaswani


    39. Ma ido Aadan


    40. Yvose Ermilus


    41. Carolyn Ganies

      Good job red

    42. Jada Yoakum

      That look fun to do!

      1. Sunil Yadav


    43. Zurdo

      The scream at the end😂😂😂😂

    44. Tom

      These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better❤️

      1. J Kk


      2. J Kk


      3. Ola HS


      4. Akobshynkl Ocjpjmmcbi


      5. Akobshynkl Ocjpjmmcbi


    45. kinopy5

      Nice up road🎤🤗🤗

    46. HEIKE Pusch-cepelczauer

      Clinch 🤣🤣

    47. mudassar mushtaq

      Awesome 👍

    48. vbddfy euuyt

      Both tried their best 😉💫

      1. Kananbala Sahoo


    49. Tyler Pinter

      Lmao that made me laugh harder than it should've

      1. Prince Gajurel


      2. ABHIJEET KASHYAP 3798

        How did you do that ?

    50. A. Star

      This should be a game in Olympics 🎈🎈🎈

    51. Sophya Karla Games

      O subaco dele todo molhado kkkkkkkk

      1. ik Khan

        Meri 9

    52. EAGLE YT

      I think it would've been better blindfolded 🤣

    53. Javeed JaveedH

      My bro is winner😍😍

    54. risk

      Who else has been just scrolling just enjoying shorts 💗

      1. Prameela P


      2. Narendra Mehra


      3. Valerie Nejeres

        @Rocio Hinojo crazy thanks to Lucy you're so nice when I get a hundred dollars

      4. Sula Iman


      5. Nichole Jones

        @Rocio Hinojo lol

    55. Sheek International Connection


    56. SMB Guitars

      I saw this and thought u were 2 random guys until u turned round and I looked at the logo by the way I'm a massive fan of ur channel

    57. ცირა ᲗანდაᲨვილი


    58. Jose Luis Quevedo

      Bien echo rojo ❤️

      1. van duc nguyen


    59. Robert Lembo

      I love how much fun you guys have, your excitement warms my heart ❤️

      1. Francisco Quesada Fajardo


      2. ليلى مصطفى


      3. Sugiarto Prasetyo


    60. megan schwemin


    61. Muhammad Hamza


    62. Будни цветоголика

      Погнали !!)))Радости -полные штаны 👍😂

    63. Radhika


    64. Arpan Ghosh

      Stanford literally went into GoD Mode with that 1 step bursts, wish he implemented that earlier.

      1. okba hajj


      2. Bakiyaraj Madhu

        @Deepak Gupta jj

      3. MARWA Hh

        @soso L3amraoui هحخخممممزنججحعك


        MANDAL to0

      5. Lidiane Batista


    65. Grimjo 47

      That yellow ballon come from nowhere

    66. Arfa Jabeen

      😘🤩😍🤣🤣red balloon winner

    67. abbsnn cose

      That was awesome!!!

      1. Sandeep Sahu

        @Любовь Карина ooooooouuoouohohhohoohohohoohhoohohohohhooohohhoohkuhoohohohohohooohoh ouohou h s s

      2. Akanksha Bikkad

        @Alondra Sánchez abc

      3. Taiyaba Tabassum

        @Любовь Карина kuuiu

      4. Sojod Ali


      5. Alondra Sánchez

        Chuchin 8fggtigg4

    68. Esmeralda Zarza guzman


    69. Aiden Rigby

      How did that yellow balloon appeared out of nowhere? 😂

    70. Ibraheem Yousef

      الي مفهمش:البالونات ذول اكسى/صلب...وكمان صعب أنه ينفقه/ينفزر كذا كذا يبي

    71. Alex Tongio

      HOW COME 😂🤣🤣

    72. Luis enrique Larra


    73. Mamoni Buragohain


    74. mjproebstle

      Who has more fun than these mates? Cheers!

      1. Kolio Asenov


    75. Omar Alrasheed

      Satisfaction perfecto

    76. Richard Okaile

      We all know u lost on purpose 😏😏

    77. 24SevenMom

      Haha interesting

    78. Azam Iqbal Nabi Khan

      Lol that yellow one 🤪🤪🤪

    79. Ahru Crafter

      Would be a nice game for a birthsday party

    80. Biljana Pavlovic

      Svakavam cast

    81. CRENZER

      The red's armpit🤣🤣

    82. kallus Idukki

      2 super 👌👌👌👌😘

    83. Məhəmməd Nəbizadə


    84. No Name

      Bro i knew stepping on them individually was gonna work. He legit caught up in no time

      1. Aguas Aegea


    85. Phượng

      Haha 🤣

    86. qopoy dnon

      Would be a nice game for a birthsday party

    87. Kav


    88. Yuda Balank


    89. Suri Kiara

      i love when he misses one and has to go back, top quality content, plot twist i didn’t expect 😍

      1. yolanda castrillon


    90. rashid jaleel

      this very good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    91. Gaurav Thakur


    92. Fabian Barksdale


    93. toinen Käyt

      For once there is no comeback

    94. Sunshine Sunshine

      Wow! What a interesting game to watch. Love this video. Watch several times. Thank for sharing.

    95. Azamat Turdaliev


    96. Mrs. Fox ✗


    97. Zine Dif

      Herron is God

    98. XD

      Short never fail to entertain me I can scroll for soooo long

      1. Hoai Kute


    99. Cliff Cadet

      Herron is on a WINNERS HIGH, What prayers does he use

      1. Ptao Tom