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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Jokbal Ng bayan

      Guys vote noww

    2. twicetagram '

      Once, We Are In Danger!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please vote vote vote!! We don't have much time left😭😭😭😭,please vote in Twitter too, it's so hard to ask you guys fking lazy!!~ just do what we need to do..TWICE perform there just win these awards and we only what??!! We need to give them the awards, it's with 10acc only took 10minutes! SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM ONCE!! pls dont give up!! we still have a chance if we all vote with pur other accs!!! i know we dont wanna see twice as a performing artists only but a winning artist also! Now days once are living with past achievement.They don't want to do anything to achieve something new right now.Taking this opportunity our opponents are achieving in the present.Thus they no longer understand that we are actually Twice is falling behind.

    3. Melina Mendez


    4. Gian Martin


    5. Dylan Marius

      I can't stop repeating Nayeon's high note, such a bias wrecker material. Let's keep voting ONCEs! Fighting!

    6. scarlette lizbeth Lopez manzanares

      I LOVE TWICE i cant stop me uuaahh😂

    7. Jokbal Ng bayan

      We can do it once keep streaming 180M or 200M before the end of the year

    8. La ridícula de SeokJin

      SOY LA ÚNICA QUE SE OBSESIONÓ CON EL "Ring ring a ling" de Nayeon? Tipo, no sé, me encantó :)

      1. La ridícula de SeokJin

        @Jokbal Ng bayan AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT OBSESSED WITH Nayeon's "Ring ring a ling"? Dude, I don't know, I loved it :)

      2. Chestnut coconut

        @Jokbal Ng bayan hahaha i think it said that shes obsess of nayeon's ring ring aling.

      3. Jokbal Ng bayan

        Translate please :((

      4. Chestnut coconut

        Yes nabong power

    9. Austin


    10. momo dancer

      More & More release ; Artist Of The Year from Soribada award 2020. I Can’t Stop Me release ; Artis Of The Year from AAA 2020. Twice is big artis.....

    11. Black PINK

      No one: Literally no one: Everyone comment this kids know think of lights

    12. Aditya Rangga

      152.545 !! COME ON ONCES 153M FOR TODAY !!

    13. momo dancer

      i eat vegetables to get a glowing skin. - Chaeyoung. i will follow this advices, today i will eat vegetables.

    14. alvin loren

      hello twice

    15. Alexa Cassandra

      이 영상을 아침 5 회 저녁 5 회 스트리밍

    16. momo dancer

      460k to 153m

    17. Hadia Bnh

      12/04 ---------- I CAN'T STOP ME M/V---Hourly views update: >05.00AM KST: 152.271.849 >06.00AM KST: 152.326.346 (+55K v13ws) >07.00AM KST: 152.380.076 (+54K v13ws) >08.00AM KST: 152.435.182 (+55K v13ws) >09.00AM KST: 152.486.650 (+51K v13ws) >10.00AM KST: 152.540.184 (+54K v13ws) Total gained v13ws: +1,023M (v13ws/16hrs)

    18. Legend ONCE

      Still the queens

    19. Legend ONCE

      Morning str3amers where y'all??

    20. Legend ONCE


    21. Legend ONCE

      Noah uwa

    22. River Torres

      5 years have passed and it's all worth it for Twice and Onces. They started just by promoting themselves at streets and now, they have: 197 PAKs 112 music show wins 106 awards 10 million album sales 18 daesangs 9 subs on YT 3 SOTY 2B streams on Spotify There are more but my fingers are now hurting

    23. RedRaven ____

      Clicking newest first and then new comments arrive

    24. River Torres

      Stream the English version now

    25. Micky Gonzales


    26. Micky Gonzales


    27. Justin Toledo


    28. Risya Mei

      Never get bored listening to this song

    29. vhyun vhyun

      Dahyun has been my bias for 5 years She's a queen for me she so talented unique genius makes you laugh smile she is the cutest adorable person I love her

    30. Risya Mei

      Twice i love youu

    31. jovin yap

      Help me help me somebody stop me I can't stop playing this MV 😵

    32. RedRaven ____

      Wiski wiski wiggy wigi this is an emergency

      1. RedRaven ____

        @Alexa Cassandra oh shi sorry bro I'm blind

      2. Alexa Cassandra

        risky risky wiggy wiggi not wicky wicky

    33. vhyun vhyun

      Yes We can brag about Twice success every time cuz there success is huge

    34. oncearmyforever


    35. Deema Ahmed

      خلاص بهجد بي

    36. Matthew Ulbata

      *Billboard Japan 2020 Year-End Ranking Top Artists of the year 🇯🇵:* *#9. TWICE 🎉* *They are the highest K-pop girl group 🥳* @TWICEANALYTICS

    37. Deema Ahmed

      قلت ادب ليه حلوين كذا

    38. Matthew Ulbata

      *K-pop groups with most songs on Billboard Japan 2020 Year-End Hot 100 🇯🇵:* *TWICE* BTS - 4 songs BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, ITZY - 1 song @TWICEANALYTICS

    39. Deema Ahmed


    40. Deema Ahmed

      اعيد واكرر الرابببب معرف كيف اعبررر

    41. كوثر الشمري

      يناعتت تككفونن بصيححححح أنا ونس جديده معرفهم من اصواتهم الي ٢:٣٧ صوت من

    42. Deema Ahmed

      نايون يخي انتي ليه حلوه كذا

    43. Deema Ahmed

      عيون سانااا

    44. Deema Ahmed

      جووي ملاكككك

    45. Matthew Ulbata

      *Billboard Japan 2020 Year-End Hot 100 🇯🇵:* #31. Feel Special #41. Fanfare #68. MORE & MORE #78. FANCY *TWICE is the K-pop girl group with most entries (4) and ‘Feel Special’ is the highest song by a K-pop girl group 🥳🎉* @TWICEANALYTICS

      1. Matthew Ulbata

        @Chestnut coconut J-Onces will buy anything twice releases so we're so lucky to have J-Onces support so yeah I-Onces should be passionate like J-Onces ♥️

      2. Chestnut coconut

        @Matthew Ulbata I am so thankful for J-onces for their nonstop support for twice and solding the dome tour in just minutes that made a record that only to twice \(^^)/ I really really appreciate them for buying albums,stre4ming also voting. And to my co i-once lets be inspired of J-onces strong passion of being fan of twice.

      3. Matthew Ulbata

        @Chestnut coconut J-Onces is the backbone of our fandom!!!

      4. Chestnut coconut


    46. Deema Ahmed

      قوه رقصهم

    47. Deema Ahmed

      جعلني اكسدم بس

    48. Deema Ahmed

      صوت جيهو حلو

    49. Deema Ahmed

      تشينق عيونه حلوه

    50. Deema Ahmed

      سانا ستايلهاا

    51. Deema Ahmed

      مينا يمهههه

    52. Ifoundjiminsjams

      This song is so great, I listen to it way too much 😍

    53. Deema Ahmed

      صوت نايونننن

    54. Deema Ahmed

      اخر مره بعيدها

    55. Deema Ahmed

      وجع متى خلصت

    56. Deema Ahmed

      يخي ذي سابع مره اعيدها ولا مليت صراحه

    57. Noelia Abal

      i'm here every day.

    58. Deema Ahmed

      تعرف يوم الكيبورد قدامك طول وعرض! بس انت ما يمديك تعبر عن شعوركككك

    59. Deema Ahmed


    60. Deema Ahmed

      ليه هم كذا حلوين

    61. Deema Ahmed

      الورود تذكرني بابله الاسريه ههههههههههههه

    62. Deema Ahmed


    63. Armyonce Lovely

      *Also onces lets reach 4m likes for this mv too*

    64. Deema Ahmed

      تشينققققق يا بنتتتت قلبيييي

    65. Deema Ahmed

      سانا تحدت الفخامه

    66. Deema Ahmed

      مينا يمهههه

    67. Deema Ahmed


    68. Vilma Gasmen

      This song is good😍

    69. edric humphrey pajo

      200m before 2 january?

    70. Armyonce Lovely

      *Dang I saw a post where Satzu bought Mercedes cars after getting their 18th daesang,broke@ss haters crying💀*

      1. Chestnut coconut

        @Armyonce Lovely 😍 SATZU

      2. Armyonce Lovely

        @Chestnut coconut just search Satzu cars in Twitter and posts will come up if you want to to see

      3. Armyonce Lovely

        @Chestnut coconut yeah for real in twitter a once posted about it

      4. Chestnut coconut

        Really? Is that true tho?

    71. Miss Elisha

      Stre4m again

      1. RedRaven ____


    72. Armyonce Lovely

      *A day without listening to I can't stop me is incomplete for me*

    73. Aditya Rangga

      153M FOR TODAY ONCES !!

    74. Ta ta

      I'm back again and again 🤭😆

    75. TwiCeu! oNceu!

      *ONCES THIS ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THIS COMEBACK* -billboard global 200 (with US) #35 ICSM -billboard global 200 (without US) #20 ICSM -billboard World digital single sales #1 ICSM -MELON daily chart (uniquelisteners) 225KULs ICSM -billboard World digital song sales #8 EYES WIDE OPEN / EWO -SPOTIFY global chart #7 EWO -SPOTIFY US chart #9 EWO -Oricon physical album chart #1 EWO -Line music album chart (digital) #1 EWO -EYES WIDE OPEN FIRST WEEK STREAMS ON SPOTIFY -ICSM 12.3M -hell in heaven 2.1M -up no more 1.9M -do what we like 1.5M -bring it back 1.3M -believer 1.1M -Queen 1.2m Go hard 1.2m -shot clock 991k ICSM CHART (SPOTIFY) #3 Singapore #5 PH #5 HONG KONG #6 TAIWAN #6 MALAYSIA #13 JAPAN -ICSM surpassed 15M streams on SPOTIFY amd TWICE fastest song to do so (9days) -ALL tracks of EWO album debuted inside GAON's download chart top 200 -ICSM debut #1 on GAON's download chart -Billboard charts hot 100 #5 ICSM -billboard streaming songs #5 ICSM -Billboard download songs #9 ICSM -billboard hot albums #10 EWO -billboard download albums #3 EWO -Bugs #5 ICSM -FLO #6 ICSM -genie #10 ICSM -melon #16 ICSM SONGS IN PH TOP 10 1 paubaya 2 ICSM (TWICE) 3 dynamite 4 at my worst 5 blue hour 6 my time 7 lovesick girls 8 ice cream 9 sweet melody 10 do what we like (TWICE) -SONG IN Indo top 10 #4 ICSM -song on worldwide itunes #2 ICSM -EYES WIDE OPEN is the highest charting female project on worldwide album charts #1 EWO -most viewed vids in the past 24h (28-10-2020) #1 ICSM 20.5M - 6 TIME WIN ON MUSIC SHOWS -HIGHEST RATED KPOP ALBUMS *OF ALL TIME* Ouh just me spitting facts in people face that said twice comeback was flopped but then ALL of this came out lol instant karma may I sayy🎉 *TWICE WORLD DOMINATION COMING THRU BABY* 💅😏

      1. Chestnut coconut

        idk how to copypaste contexts in yt but this is long to type because there are more of that

      2. Chestnut coconut

        Woahh I am so happy for twice and once ❤️

    76. Soft Girl Sharon


    77. Nana's Peach

      Once please vote for Twice

    78. Carolina Moncada Solano

      I love this song so much!

    79. TT TT

      500k to 153m

    80. Naila Rizkiyah


    81. Shanks11

      Vote TWICE in 2020 MAMA

    82. Cesar Aquino Vlog

      This song is soo good❤️💗💖

    83. IanPuz


    84. IanPuz

      how many views did we gain so far??

      1. out of control

        ,1M so far💚

      2. multi love

        Almost 1M

    85. purple hair

      vote twice in mama 2020

    86. purple hair

      we love you twice

    87. Risky Wiggy

      If TWICE didn't win the awards they deserved in MAMA, it's all our fault. Don't ever tell me because other groups have bigger fandoms, we can win over them if we just try harder, vote harder, and stream harder. We won our first Daesang on AAA, yes Twice said it was our award, not their's. I know that we onces, have different lives to live on, studying, working and such. But voting in 10 accounts is not that hard. I thought we all wants to see our queens smiling in the stage while holding the award. You still want right? You still want to see those smiles while muttering 'Onces', right? Then please don't give up now, never give up. Vote harder in all the accounts you have. Stream MORE AND MORE harder than it was first released. Global MV views are included in the criteria. And because MORE AND MORE is our entry, stream it. Please onces, don't just give up. It's not over until it's over!

    88. Gencosta Leona


      1. RedRaven ____


    89. Alonso Tavares

      aha i have a theroey jihyo is god and she saind mina the angle down to heaven * big brain moment*

    90. Alonso Tavares

      the lion king who and the little mermaid who

    91. Luna;


    92. Temptation sweet as honey.

      Please help ahgase on streaming breath and last piece 😭 those songs are masterpiece but less people recognized it. We should promote GOT7 here in TWICE M/V

    93. Miesya

      good morning we need 100k more to reach 1m daily v13wa

    94. 보라색지니jinny

      bjmj ㅓㅏ

    95. Temptation sweet as honey.

      19k left to reach 1million today🥰 Keep on streaming maintain 1.5M+ everyday!

    96. Gencosta Leona

      𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚋𝚘𝚙!

    97. Novi Kartika

      I Cant stop me cant stop me uwoo uwoo

    98. ddf u

      ايكنت ستوب مي

    99. JeongSaMi yeonana

      I already stream more than 20times this morning.