The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

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    What happened to the three lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isles?
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    1. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

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      1. Plant

        What would you do on a deserted island? What extra person would you bring?

      2. valsol

        shane which part of little women (the movie) did u start crying at this is important

      3. Grace Linnea

        Which rap song would you rather use against the water sprites, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Fancy by Iggy Azalea?

      4. Yazmine Yacub

        whenever i need to do scottish accents i just always say it how i think shrek would say it and i think you guys should try it too!!

      5. Candy Smithey


    2. Simply Kioya


    3. melodramatic dragon

      If y'all hadn't brought up the fae even once I would have been seriously pissed. It's SCOTLAND, for the gods' sakes.

    4. Ian Taylor

      *why dya spill yer beans tommy*

    5. Butt Sweat

      Does anyone know what kind of boots they’re wearing? They’re spiffy

    6. rachel grant

      and today we learned that shane and ryan have no idea what scottish people sound like

    7. My Name

      As a Scottish person I am not offended by their shite impressions but I am afraid

    8. Anita Blunt


    9. I Read Today

      I forgot this was true crime and I kept waiting for the reveal of ghost sheep

    10. Baka Otaku

      Ahh damn I really missed this show 🤭💜

    11. Adonis Grandson

      Oh...they're six feet apart....oh.... Anyone who lives on the coast up north knows how wack our weather can be. Just sayin.

    12. John Cansdale

      I have been buzzfed.

    13. Tristan

      Nice to see your back

    14. FOO 619


    15. Your Senpai

      "Doldrums. Doldrums. Eviler than the Devil. Boredom makes men to villains, and the water goes quick, lad, vanished." - Thomas Wake

    16. Angela Privette

      I want the old Shane back!!!! This one doesn't voice his opinion enough!!!

    17. Kelly

      I want to believe they fell in love and ran away together

    18. Silver Arrow

      My theory: faeries. They probably turned the keepers into sheep

    19. Andrew._.2k3

      I missed them

    20. Paige Jasmine

      Oooh. I’m so happy this series is back!

    21. TacticalS


    22. Kaidan Anderson

      well we know whod lose at a rap battle xdddddddd

    23. LunicornArt

      They all accidentally fell into the sea and drowned, case closed. The sea is hecking dangerous and the bodies of people who drown often never show up. The fact they were never found is not even remotely close to solid evidence. Their levels of experience etc. don't really matter in a case of emergency. Read up on some old sailor stories...countless experienced sea-faring people have met their end like that. Maybe one guy fell into the ocean and the others tried to save him. Them drowing doesn't even require a proper storm. The winds and waves can change in a heartbeat. Not to mention the currents in the water... ...but sure...aliens or kelpies...

    24. save norman from TPN live


    25. Brooke Creelman

      I’m Scottish and don’t do an accent that’s only used when someone speaks Gallic and no one does any more but to say light house say it how you pronounce these words lite hoose!

      1. Brooke Creelman

        Just to help but one day come visit Scotland once this is over cause there is many stories to tell over here and you’ll pick up on Scottish slang just once again don’t try to do an accent if you visit Scottish people are proud and that will annoy them sooo much!!!

    26. DIO

      Ryan and Shane are back? Yay

    27. Giulia Skaf

      Could you guys do a video on the Julie Vega case?

    28. Samantha Rose

      As an Oceanography TA.... The waves washing them away is the most likely option in my view. The island, rocky irish coast, short continental shelf, the weather pattern at that time of year..... Points to this

    29. TheCharmingCthulhu

      Like the last theory. Add a dash of Lovecraft and I'm satisfied

    30. J Russ

      Alien Abduction!

    31. mikin lirou

      I hope someone will get a scuba diver or submarine to go look for skeletons around the island because this thing would’ve been solved way quicker if someone took action

    32. James Bamber

      Has to be the worst Scottish accent ive eved heard

    33. W AX

      0:03 -Obito Uchiha-

      1. mikin lirou

        i like shane's theory about the poly relationship. approved.

    34. Suriya Farrow-Harris

      Neither of them rhymed sprite with light. How did neither of them see that?!

    35. Pranavi Kotapati

      Plot twist - The lighthouse keepers be like there's one imposter among us!!

    36. A F

      Ryan and Shane and worth it is the only reason I’m still subscribed to buzzfeed

    37. Autumn Martin-Geerts

      The watch guy did see the light twice in that span of two weeks. Maybe the aliens came in and took one of them to they turned off the light. Tried lighting and the aliens took another. Then finally the last time lighting it they took the last guy. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂

    38. Wallis Henderson

      As a Scot, I am mortified at both of your accent's

    39. lizzy Rank

      so I guess there's a movie based on this cause at the side of the vid is a movie called the Vanishing

    40. Nafisa Siddiqui

      Please why are you pronouncing buoy like that 😭😭🥴

    41. Molly Westbrook

      bad buoy business 😎

    42. Elizabeth Santana

      Did you guys watch "The Lighthouse" with Robert Pattinson and William Dafoe? Please watch that while drunk lol. Its an odd watch. But feels oddly Similar to this lighthouse story

    43. Hannah Davis

      Probably already been mentioned, the movie "The Vanishing" thats based on this story right? Didn't hear you talk about that, or did I miss it?

    44. 2Spook

      They weren’t fond of me lobster.

    45. BethAnn Mayberry

      How is it that Shane, who gifted the world such treasures as EVERY song on Puppet History (#AllHailTheWatcher), is THAT HORRIBLE at a spritely rhyme battle?

    46. Frankie Routeledge

      There is a film you can watch about this case, it's called The Vanishing, it's pretty good, messes with your head

    47. Gigi Min

      WHYS IS THE SUB NOT WORKING! Im crying rn 😭

    48. Victoria Rivas

      i like shane's theory about the poly relationship. approved.

    49. equineiscool

      Yes, it was me. My friend and I are such tiny women it made Shane cry. XD

    50. King Medoofa

      WHOOP! They’re back!

    51. Danny Simion

      Haha, I miss these guys! Glad you're back for a new season!!

    52. Sam The Lion

      Could be aliens cause Ryan said that all the clocks inside were stopped and that's apparently apart of alien abductions so go off aliens.

    53. Krystal

      If 2020 was a hairstyle, it would be Shane’s

    54. Bl00ster

      Y'know how sometimes you hear a word over and over, and it starts to sound like it's not a word? That's happening to me right now. Buoy. Buoy. ...Boo-ey. Y'know what else is boo-ey? Ghosts.

    55. just a girl

      oh god how much have i missed, this week in buzzfeed unsolved and the written down bickering.

    56. Sira Mea

      Ryan crying at 2020 then carrying on, is me 4-5 times a day since March

    57. Nicole Marcina


    58. 06cherly

      Ghouls boys are back!!! 😍😍😍

    59. Rebecca Leech

      ryan- renegade wave. me- starts dancing the renegade

    60. Jervé Henneberry

      blah blah remains unsolved? anyone? no?

    61. Wubba Wubba

      Love you guys, but omg this story has been done to death. Why must these similar channels reuse the same content over and over instead of digging up new material? Recycling is normally good, but not in this case.

      1. Izzy ಠ_ಠ

        I've never heard of this before lol

    62. Laura Anne

      On behalf of all of Scotland, please don't ever do those accents again 😂😂😂

    63. Sira Skovgaard

      Plzz play phasmophobia 😃 i really want to see you guys play it... Take it as training for the next time you go to a ghost location 😉

    64. leiha b

      is this what the lighthouse was based on??

    65. Rebecca Bragg Jensen

      Ryan how have you pronounce ‘buoy’ like that😂😂 it’s pronounced ‘boy’

    66. Duy Khương

      In the Illuminati episode Shane said he doesn't trust a thing Al Roker said,now he said he's a big fan of Roker???

    67. Mj

      One minute in and I’m already asking if Shane’s okay

    68. Charming nowhere to hide

      Shane kept saying that without modern day entertainment and luxuries, he'd be an alcoholic serial killer. I'm sorry I never really believed him until now.

    69. Kilroy was Here

      “Moore went to shore to knock on the door” Shane Madej

    70. Zhi xci

      Everyone: murder, suicide, madness and death. Or maybe just hear me out this will sound outrageous but what if they just left? Doesn't have to be a polyamorous gay relationship, but considering that morale was low it's not impossible that 1 or 2 left then the other followed, or they all left simultaneously, it's not exactly hard to vanish back then.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        I’m Scottish and I’m deeply offended ahahahaha

    71. Chezca potpot

      shane and ryan showed their mid life crisis situation in the intro. Are you ok my dudes?

    72. yoinkhaha

      Tragic accident. =T

    73. Jade Ryan

      Shane could've won that rap battle "well i sure do like my big tall light. But i don't like you, stinky old sprite"

    74. XieXu Wei

      Me: Language is fake and grammar and pronunciation rules aren't real. Strict adherence to pompous rules is inherently classist andlightly xenophobic while the air of literary superiority from academics is exhausting and misplaced Also me: *listening to Ryan Bergara pronounce the words Buoy and strewn* The Lord is testing me


      Im watching this only because of ryan and shane

    76. Spider Pig

      Yo my stepdad was in the movie based on this, he played thomas in the movie the vanishing

    77. Natasha Luna

      Hahahhahah The butt of shane it the windiest place in the US! Gotta love these boys!

    78. BlackTapeProductions

      Thank youuu, missed you guys!

    79. John Scattyman

      I wonder may we see ryan and Shane play phasmophobia since they haven’t been able to ghost hunt in person???

    80. sophie Xox

      Life booe

    81. Coast Vanwyck

      Take a shot every time Shane and Ryan chuckle like dads

    82. Ma'am Astrid

      How TF do you do a Scottish accent I'm really interested

    83. Sir Rabbit of the Kitchens

      I'm not even scottish, but even I got offended by their attempt at scottish 🤣🤣

    84. neoporticulis

      Do consider doing one on the Monster with 21 Faces, an alias of the blackmailer(s) of Glico in Japan in 1984. and for reference.

    85. Cara Burns

      I’m Scottish and I’m deeply offended ahahahaha

    86. A$E

      "Some bad buoy business"

    87. Iphone 69

      This is like my heroine

    88. the Thunder

      For gods sake what about the lawn! Fear and loathing style..maybe they ate the devils weed salad. The way British soldiers, 1776 era, did and whacked out did who knows what.☺

    89. TessellatedGuy

      I feel like the fact that it took me a few seconds to get the log toilet joke means I actually lost a few brain cells when I realized what it was, rather than gaining brain cells due to smart thinking. That's how low level of a joke that was.

    90. Adam Mitchelson

      I’m not offended

    91. Breathe-Think-Dream

      Can I just say a bothy isn't just a ruined building - its a shelter that anyone can use and there's still many across Scotland free for use

    92. Big 092MLBOA

      You guys gotta keep these coming it’s been a while

    93. ジョネーJonét

      20:50 omg one of the funniest moments on youtube.

    94. Sneh Kriti

      But I really believe that they found treasure so they vanished to be rich and happy ever after

    95. Jibrhan khan

      The mystery of the missing talent

    96. LastHeat

      Ryan completely demolished Shane 😂

    97. adryan putra


    98. Carmen Villalobos

      i know Ryan ISNT white BUT he gives off major white guy energy... but in a good way

    99. Scarlet Rose_98

      Shane's rhyming skills was milked by the professor in puppet history hahaahah, shane's struggle with rhyming hahaahha

    100. anthony mo

      The theory that all three had a love affair seems to make the most sense lol. Probably moved to SF but bought a house down in LA