BTS announces Best Alternative Album | 64th GRAMMY Awards

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    BTS announces Best Alternative Album

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    1. Izaa8

      can't believe they weren't nominated for record of the year, they deserved it !!

      1. Noelle

        I know right! I'm mad at that too! It's this not fair how come Olivia has 7 nominations and BTS has only one nominations for Grammy!

      2. Ishani VLOG

        @SonderDAze X and the fact that grammys are biased doesn't change.. Just racist **** ppl.

      3. Ishani VLOG

        @SonderDAze X Did I say that BTS are the only artist breaking the records?? But u have to admit the fact that this year was completed dominated by BTS.. I feel sympathetic for jealous ppl like u bruh!!

      4. Mutita Phyrady

        @SonderDAze X oh ye, that’s a typo. Mg bad

      5. Mutita Phyrady

        @SonderDAze X no it wasn’t

    2. lvl1cutie

      Jin saying "daddy's home" is something I didn't know I needed to hear until now

      1. Heeba Q

        fanfic writers " write that down, write that down! "

      2. Ishita bhardwaj VII DAHLIA

        Gosh protect me from this mental fandom ( FANFICS ) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Serious Analysist

        These idiots Grammys didn't even show their faces while they were announcing unlike all others and didn't even write "2x nominated artist" unlike all other artists. How can this be more racist?

      4. Sonnenanbeterin1991

        Haha iam seeing the fanfiction writers beeing inspired..

    3. Jimi_ Jim

      "Daddy's home" is trending on Twitter because Seokjin said it 😄

    4. Pars

      The fact that BTS doesn't need Grammy's but Grammy's needs BTS still exists.

    5. shelly

      “For the Recording Academy's sake, hopefully BTS will be back at the Grammys. But, after a performance like what BTS delivered, it's clear that the Grammys need BTS more than BTS needs the Grammys.” (Via Esquire Magazine)


      OMG Their accent is so amazing 😭!

      1. Solaire Solaire

        grow up

      2. himari riku


      3. Amy Sasakul

        @Cloudy Rbx Nope I meant the person who made the original comment

      4. Our SUNSHINE hobi

        Yup because they BTS !!!

      5. Serious Analysist

        These idiots Grammys didn't even show their faces while they were announcing unlike all others and didn't even write "2x nominated artist" unlike all other artists. How can this be more racist?

    7. jikookiest

      Congrats BTS for being a presenter for this year~!! 💜💜 But, GRAMMYs, sweetie; I just have to ask a few things: 1. Why wasn’t there a label (like 1 time nominee) under BTS’s name like the other presenters? 2. Why only let them present one category? Måneskin presented more and they’re a band too 3. Why aren’t their faces shown as they were calling out the nominees like the other presenters? This may sound picky but I just want to let it out.

      1. Mari

        1 word: xenophobia

      2. The colours only I see

        @SonderDAze X that's some gibberish reasons not to be rude. There were other artists who did it while being connected to video call. Their achievement in the hall of Grammys wasn't mentioned. (2 times nominated) About their faces, they are quite away from each other, so yeah it can be shooted and displayed individually(even I can do the focus let alone Grammys lol). About being able to announce only one category, they would have given them more which obviously can include halsey. It's crystal clear, the intentions of this before "prestigious" award show.

      3. Susanna Siepracki

        Yeah... the label part is really not ok

      4. Nancy Singh

        Right questions...

      5. Winter Late


    8. M B

      Congratulations on your nominations BTS, though you deserved more nomination but continue to soar high… ARMY will always be behind you! 💜💜💜

      1. TeAm KiM SeOkJiN

        💜And in front of you like a shield 💜

      2. Serious Analysist

        These idiots Grammys didn't even show their faces while they were announcing unlike all others and didn't even write "2x nominated artist" unlike all other artists. How can this be more racist?

    9. Noxolo Nguse

      I'm happy they were nominated, but I feel it should've been more than one category. They work so hard they deserve more...

      1. Sonnenanbeterin1991

        Ecpecially those categories were sales count

    10. Kimberly Lingat

      I can't believed I needed Seokjin's saying "Daddy's Home" in my life.

    11. Darakshan Fatima

      The fact that BTS doesn't need Grammy's but Grammy's needs BTS still exists.

      1. Black Widow

        @Grace they don’t need it it’s more of a want since as shitty as grammys are it’s one of the biggest music award that many legends have. Other legends don’t which shows the Grammys doesn’t really matter tbh

      2. Grace

        @BTS ARMY 💜💜 I really don't know why they need it!! They're the most successful band. I sometimes feel like crying 'cuz they still couldn't get it but still want it...

      3. Avneet Kaur

        @himari riku and again I see u saying g dragon uk what shameless ppl like u don't even need to get insulted so I'm not gonna say anything

      4. Avneet Kaur

        And this fact will be fact for ever But still they really wanna have grammy 😔

      5. Poisoned Cotton

        They're going down so they need to use someone to pull them up. Tsk.

    12. Angie Kim ✨💜

      BTS DESERVE MORE NOMINATIONS! They literally deserve:- 1)Record of the Year 2)Song of the Year

    13. Angie Kim ✨💜

      BTS DESERVE MORE NOMINATIONS! They literally deserve:- 1)Record of the Year 2)Song of the Year

    14. Zara Jk

      I can feel that BTS will win the Grammy this year, INSHALLAH! and even if they won't win they still are the most passionate, hardworking and amazing artists the world can ever witness I'm so proud of them! 💜

    15. Afifah Mohammed


    16. watermelon suga


      1. Hobbes the Dog

        ​@C I can attest to this. I've been to BTS' concert twice. Yes, there are many teens and those in their 20's, but I saw various age groups all enjoying BTS' music. I even saw a couple in their late 60's/early 70's bopping to the beat! And of all the concerts I've ever been to, the BTS' ARMY are the most welcoming and nicest bunch I've ever met. I have never experienced that type of positive, good-vibe feels at a concert and I've been to many, not just k-pop. This one young lady went around handing out little print-out cards of the members she made herself. It was the sweetest thing.

      2. Hobbes the Dog

        @Kim, Min, Jung, Park, Jeon. Meena Thanks! :)

      3. C

        @Gabriel André they still broke many many records. Also wtf you saying young fans? They literally have adult fans that watch them too I know 50 year old people who watch just for BTS, also it's foolish to think that the Grammys isn't using BTS for clout and views because they are

      4. C

        @When you can't afford a game that you like nobody said it was lmao??? You're so obsessed with BTS leave them alone nobody asked.

    17. Mahi Patel

      I am so happy that Halsey's amazing album is nominated this year!!!!🖤

    18. AtOoM-11

      I love their accent, don’t y’all think that their English is getting better and better every day?😂💜I’m proud of them💜

    19. Chris Sturkenboom

      RM Suga JHope Jin Junkook V Jimin did great. Sadly only 1. Also sadly that their faces got blocked. Congrats Halsey on your nomination. Congrats BTS with your nomination. Well deserved. I hope that you'll get to perform and win. I only wished you also would have been nominated for best song Butter. That song made everyone around the world happy!!! I also hope Afro Jack and David Guetta are going to win and Louis Armstrong. Good luck BTS you are great!!! Enjoy your concert. Warm greetings from The Netherlands 👍💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀🤘🇱🇺🌷🤗

    20. Coni

      To us, you already have all the awards guys, don’t worry. We’re ALWAYS proud of everything you’ve accomplished 💜 You’ve got army right behind you! 🥰

    21. hellocharlieebarley

      Congrats to all these nominees! Personally rooting for either Halsey, Japanese Breakfast, or St. Vincent

    22. Eko Nina Agusta

      I’m so proud of you guys, again nominated for Best Duo/Group, let’s hope this time the winning. Never lose hope, keep fighting.

    23. Sharon Tucker

      So Proud of them but BTS deserves more. Record of the year " Butter" has hits over all records. No worries guys Army is still voting. And will continue to follow and support your success.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    24. sra: jeon

      They really had to see them nominated with BUTTER. I mean, the song is great, really great, I think all the armys would have really liked them to be nominated, but they don't need a nomination or award to prove that they are one of the best.💜

    25. Shambhavi Gupta

      BTS DESERVE MORE NOMINATIONS! They literally deserve:- 1)Record of the Year 2)Song of the Year And more....

      1. Hiya Jain

        I think..... they deserve whole grammy nomination ......

      2. Melanie


      3. Varda Hanwant

        Lol are you guys ok seriously may be for record of the year but seriously many more they don't even deserve to get nominated in that category also but still they got nominated so be happy butter was a fun summer pop song but lyrical is was not that great actually lyrics were literally funny with no sense in them

      4. Jerry Ann

        Grammy damm fucking shit...

      5. Alex_ramens

        The Grammys are so shady. That’s what I think. Even last year it was rigged. BTS didn’t even win it. 🥺 Let’s go Army!!! We can do it this time!!!💜💜💜 #gotarmyrightbehindus

    26. Aile Flores

      So proud of all what these boys have achieved over these years, from presenters in 2019, to collaborate in a performance in 2020, going to first time nominated as best Pop Duo/Group Performance with their 2020 HIT DYNAMITE in the 63rd. GRAMMY Awards and now presenters in the nominations and get nominated again in the same category with their smash 2021 HIT “BUTTER”!! The 64rd. GRAMMY Ceremony Awards will be with no doubt the time for BTS to shine the most!! CONGRATULATIONS BTS!!

    27. Kim Taehyung

      You are those who deserve prize 😭💖ilove you BTS

    28. Alma Raquel Bonilla C.

      I’m very proud how they’re working so hard with their languages barrier now , they have always been so good and now they’re much better

    29. Lena.9420

      I guess the year they’ll win artist or song of the year for a Grammy it will be for a song entirely in Korean and it will feel so much more special and meaningful 💜

    30. peyton.

      I'm glad they were able to announce Halsey's nomination.

      1. peyton.

        @SonderDAze X I didn't even realize that

      2. Letícia M


    31. 👻 life goes on👻

      Que guapos mis niños felicidades orgullosa de ustedes ✨

    32. Евгения Михалёва

      It's hard to smile when people wipe their feet on you. Guys, we are with you forever, be strong.

    33. Sandy DeBord

      So proud to be a new ARMY! You guys definitely deserved additional nominations, but I have no doubt that in 2022 you’ll earn your first, of many to come, Grammy! Please don’t give up on America! Some of our “institutions” can be slow….very slow….to recognize things that most of us are already completely aware of. Like, for instance, BTS is the best in the world! Enough said!

    34. Roxana yaritza siguenza perez

      Chicos estoy muy orgullosa de ustedes🤗 felicidades por su nominación🏆 pero BTS MERECÍA MÁS NOMINACIONES como Canción del Año y Record del Año pero bueno que se puede hacer solo nos tocá apoyar a nuestras leyendas BTS💜💜

    35. Darshana Sarawgi

      I am so happy for BTS! It is my greatest pride to be an ARMY. And all I wish for is BTS to win Grammys this time and further too. I want all of their wishes to come true. 💜

    36. Natalie S

      Guys great job announcing the nominees. You all are amazing, hardworking and you deserve so much more from the Grammys.

    37. مريم

      We are so proud of BTS that they deserve to win and be nominated for Grammy 💖😭☠️😘🤣🦋

    38. Hiruni Kavindya

      Omg 😭😭😭 So proud of our Legends! 😭💜💜💜💜💜 But BTS deserves more nominations that’s a fact!

    39. seok

      They deserve more.

      1. Black Widow

        @Serious Analysist I didn’t realize not having the caption “2 times grammy nominated” is racism wow thanks for educating me on how stupid some people in this world can be to say such trivial things is racism. Just because there’s only one Asian nominees because those Asians music artist are on their own high level does not make it racist if anything it shows how far apart bts are from their musical peers. I brought up being black to make an example on how not everything is racist bozo, What’s not clicking. Are you dumb or what do you even read what you write because you make 0 sense. Ugh please seek help on how to be a more happier person serious analyst. I can see you have some built up anger in you to not be able to have civilized conversations without resulting to name calling or getting mad for no reason. Bye

      2. Serious Analysist

        @Black Widow and? How does it change the fact that they are the only ones who did not have the caption "2x grammy nominated". That's still a fact. They are the only ones who didn't have it. So shut up. You know nothing. + you think I know you? I didn't even know you were black lmfao it's laughable you think I'm observing ur personal fb or what??

      3. Black Widow

        @Serious Analysist your point is so stupid it’s almost laughable. Because they are the only Asians on the list it’s automatically racism like do you hear yourself. Should I call you racist for calling me a black woman a hag just because I’m a black woman. Obviously not it’s rude but it’s not racist just because it’s towards a black person. Like just because something involves a POC does not automatically make it racism. Bts are the only Asians on the list because they are the only Asian artist capable of making a list this competitive. Like should people just be nominated just for their race or what. Because based on your logic should they just nominate asian artist for the sole purpose of then being Asian just so there will be multiple Asian artist nominated. Y’all act as if this isn’t a majority western award show so duhh there’s not going to be many kpop nominations just like how we don’t see American artist being nominated on Korean award shows. If there were other kpop artist on the same level as bts then they would be nominated too but there isn’t

      4. Black Widow

        @Serious Analysist dude chill why are you name calling. Secondly what does being the only asians on there have to do with racism. They are the only kpop artist that have made it this far to get to be on a list this prestigious. If anything that’s a big compliment. If there was only one black artist nominated at a korean award show would you also call that racism. Where in this video are they being hated for their race. Like do y’all even know the definition of racism. And who tf do you think you are to call me a hag when you just spit out racism at every thing you see when you learn how to be a civilized person then you can call a person on the internet that you do not know a hag serious analyst

      5. Serious Analysist

        @Black Widow bc they are the only Asians on the list poor bag. Btw I'm not even an army but it's pretty clear here. So shut it hag.

    40. Kami

      Bts deserves so many more nominations, but I hope they win this time for best pop duo/group performance

    41. Vkook'sSweat

      My handsome and talented boys. Ah i love them sooooo much . I can't even describe it by words

    42. peachykook

      I am so proud of them 😭💜

    43. Deya Mukherjee

      You deserve more love and nominations BTS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. احب بانقتان 🍷

      Guys, you deserve a lot of nominations and awards, but let's say something is better than nothing We will be with you and we are confident that you will do as well as you have done for the rest of your life We ARMYs love you keep going and show them the best performances💜💜

      1. Wadhia Sultana

        Yes! Guys never loss hope, we are always with you and we will always support you no matter what. Thank you for all your hard works we always appreciate that. Doesn't matter what this Grammy thinks, for us Army and true fans you guys are the true winner and nothing can change this ever.💜💜

      2. Blue Turtle

        it's not better, I wished tannies would boycott like the weeknd

      3. himari riku


      4. i hate bananas

        Their only going to win cuz of their popularity. It’ll never be their music. Their voices are just not it. Hard truth.

      5. Winter Bear

        No. This "something" is the worst when it's given just for clout. Nothing was better this point.

    45. هبة عباس جاسم

      Congratulations BTS well done dear I'm so proud of you I love you❤❤

    46. Kim Hyunhee

      The way they say the nominees is so cute my heart🥰🥰

    47. Jimai

      Los amo 😭 se merecen todo 💜❤

    48. h a n n a

      I cant express how amazing they are in words I swear!! Congrats to them!

    49. Yanka B-army⁷💜


    50. Vivi

      Maravilhosos 😍

    51. Dania Al La7am

      Love you guys so much💜 Congratulations really deserve it ^_^

    52. 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅 ♡

      *Congrats boys for getting a Grammy Nominations with Butter* 💜 ALL THE BEST~ FIGHTING!!

    53. Jersey Girl

      Butter not being in the SOTY category is an actual crime but I'm so proud of the guys, they continue to endure and do what they love💜💜💜

      1. Andri Griffson

        Not grammy worthy. Grammy is not about charts and fans. If in Oscar, Butter is too mainstream.

      2. Andi Zafrizal

        @himari riku no one care..

      3. Varda Hanwant

        @Sangeeta Samad lol are you a 10 year old kid comparing blinding lights with butter that song lyrics were so funny and meaningless. Their is no comparison between them comparing them is like comparing sky and land together grammys are prestigious award not a kids choice award which will be decided by great musicians on music quality butter was fun summer pop song but lyrical is was not that good and also girl check song credits it was not written by any bts members they were just part of music production song was written by some foreign artist not by them rm just helped with little rap that song dont even contain good quality rap that was just 5 sec rhyming

      4. Sangeeta Samad

        @Lie_Singularity I'd like to read the criteria. And your takes on ROTY?

      5. Jin ate Jimin's jams.

        @Lie_Singularity 💗

    54. Paty Trinidad

      Lo hicieron genial ❤️

    55. Afraa Khan

      100000000 points for the effort they put in! They're the best!❤❤💜💜

    56. Shriya Joshi

      💜✨My heartiest congratulations to you guys....really happy for you all...I hope you win....fighting!💜✨

    57. 지한 ARMY GIRL💜


    58. taeseongie_


      1. Noelle

        Yes definitely!

      2. delorise njeri

        @mac Okay Mac and Cheese you said the song that spent 10 weeks on the billboard top 10 is basic.😂 How many songs have you written? Zero? Okay shush it cottage cheese 😂😂😂

      3. Indian Kpop 💜

        @mac like really.. 😒 How could u say that about a song which has spend 10 weeks on no. 1 in hot 100 chart..

      4. mac

        @Ann Le why so? the production of most of their songs are bland, basic and formulaic

      5. Ann Le

        Record of the year ,for sure.

    59. skorpia g

      You guys sound great! 💜 congrats on your nomination also🥰😁 i pray you win🙏💪👍

    60. Genesis

      Congrats on getting nominated again boys 💜 👏🏽.

    61. Betsy Valle Rodríguez

      Los amo muchísimo mis 7 amores ustedes ya son leyenda 💜

    62. Judy C. Kim

      Congratulations to the nominees.. I love you BTS! 💜

    63. McKenna C

      They deserved a nomination for record of the year 😤😤😤😤 V v proud of these boys though 🥺💜

    64. Estefanía Anglat

      Wow! ¡Felicitaciones Chicos....#BTS 💜✨🇰🇷! Tan Lindos!!!!! ❤️💜✨🇦🇷💜✨👍

    65. Martina Koller

      los amo demasiado

    66. sk2kook

      espero que mis nenitos puedan ganar un grammy ellos realmente se lo merecen

    67. Oishee Bandyopadhyay

      Dear Grammy. pls don't use the boys just for views, nominate those hardworking people who deserves the award . please this is my earnest request. Play a fair role and don't be partial, BTS deserved more , they only got nominated in one category but still I am happy for them.

      1. CRAFT with SUHANI

        @Haris no, they submitted in more categories too.

      2. m lo

        I bet they'll have them perform at the end of the show so viewers will stick around.

      3. Haris

        They didn’t get nominated for more because huge only submitted to be nominated for best pop/duo.


      Wow, that was fantastic.✌️

    69. Neha Kumari

      I'm so so so sooooooooooo proud of them ❤️❤️❤️🥰

    70. Dama Grandchester

      Me encanta como se ven en traje, me encantan demasiado 😍🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💜💜💜💜

    71. Victoria Paz Gibbons

      Let's just take a moment to point out that we all know Yoon-gi isn't fluent in English BUT i bet that he wanted to read Halsey's nomination bc he's very fond of her, that just melted my heart, anyone that was better in English could have done it, but Yoon-gi went with it and i think he asked for it, I'm in tears

    72. Darakshan Fatima

      Seriously BTS deserved to be in SONG OF THE YEAR Category, why warent they?

      1. Vv Loves BTS

        @Extroverted Introvert ◟̽◞̽ oh okk😁💜💜

      2. Extroverted Introvert ◟̽◞̽

        @Vv Loves BTS I was actually responding to their claims of records and sales 😊

      3. Extroverted Introvert ◟̽◞̽

        @Nisa Rasheed The Grammy Award for Record of the Year is presented to "honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to sales or chart position. It's not about 'records' Butter is good tho😊

      4. Kim, Min, Jung, Park, Jeon. Meena

        @Nisa Rasheed they always do this just because our fandom is big and they know they’ll gain more views and popularity

      5. Nisa Rasheed

        Idk they deserve to be in soty but roty was disappointing. Butter had more records than nominated each artists.i think they use BTS for getting popularity

    73. r m

      so proud of them 💜

    74. CRAFT with SUHANI

      I love you BTS! Fighting 💜

    75. ʙᴇʟʟᴀ ᴀ.ʀ.ᴍ.ʏ

      Love you a lot BTS 😭💜

    76. Pochhhie

      They deserve this, so proud of you our BTS🥰

    77. maria stewart

      They're announcers this year 🥺 every year they have a step up in grammys- from a 56 second performance in 2020 to a whole performance and a nomination in 2021 to participating in the announcements in 2022 and (maybe winning an award toooooo)

    78. Daniela Carcelén

      BTS is the best group

    79. rivano dupta

      GRAMMY being objective please..BTS deserve more nominations even not to win at least appreciate add more cz they really deserve it

    80. Lie_Singularity

      AAAAAA CONGRATS BANGTANNN 💜💜 Although it's still such a shame that they got nominated for their fun english song instead of their "far superior" korean song But they are still young, super talented, and full of potential I can't wait for the day their korean song or album get to be nominated and win in one of Big 4 category or even swept some categories 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    81. Deepa Sudheer

      Congratulations for being nominated for grammy! And this time nobody can't steal your grammy win! Every votes for BTS! 💜

    82. Moneraa

      so proud of them

    83. Owl House

      BTS deserve more, but congratulations on your nomination - biggest band on the planet 💜

    84. g

      i hope they can get their first grammy this year ! they rlly deserve it

    85. TMari Nara

      💜🔰💜 Los amo mi niños hermosos!!!

    86. 방탄소년단 𝗕𝗔𝗡𝗚𝗧𝗔𝗡

      They are amazing so proud of them🥺🤏🏻

    87. Tracy noemi Trejo noj

      No sé que dijeron pero que hermosos están 😭💖🤚

    88. Jillian mae Buniel

      Congrats bts army I'm so very proud of you bangtang boys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ saranghae

    89. Arshiya Anjum

      I am literally so so so proud to call myself an ARMY!!! BTS are finally there on 2022 nominations! All the best to all the artists and armies let's support like always!!!💜💜💜💛💛 Edit:- after seeing several comments saying "They deserve more" I just wanna say armies that they deserved the most but let's make upto what we have! We will do it, let's be happy and support no matter what! #hwaiting

      1. Angel A

        They were also nominated last year and performed stunningly on Grammy night even though they were in Korea and were kept waiting until the early hours of the morning to perform so viewers kept tuned in to the end. I hope Grammy treats them with more respect this year, they should have been nominated for more awards including top artist. It's not acceptable to treat them so badly.

      2. himari riku


      3. Emma JK

        Well said

    90. Purple Heart💜


    91. Pineapple💜

      So proud of them


      Su voz de JIN es hermoso ♥️

    93. Laura Firpo

      oh i love BTS guys so much and i'm proud of them

    94. yourstruly

      Proud to call myself an Army. 💜💪🏾

    95. 💙Moonlight💙


    96. María Lopez

      LOS AMOOO!! Mucha suerte!!

    97. serendipity

      my babies 🥺 so so proud of yall as always

    98. •Adriana Flora•


    99. Lais Vitória

      Amo vcs💜

    100. The Double Bunny