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    1. l

      It was good until 4:45

    2. l

      Lol this isn't a lightsaber, just a glorified flamethrower

    3. Arenij

      what you got there is a handheld flamethrower. But nevertheless that is as accurate someones have ever gotten to a light saber

    4. Mr. Nobody

      Make a batman cape that glides. If anyone else agrees with me comment so he will make it.

    5. That Goth Nerd

      Loved how you used a cheap costume to represent armor and, is that a foam wall? Thats not concrete or steel. You guys pulling some shit?

    6. Crizpyy

      It’s not a real saber tho, it wouldn’t Clash with another one

    7. Angry Falcon

      sorry if my english is very low quality : I am french hello I think that I invented a propultion for a compact and low cost S.S.T.O. spacecraft and I propose to you to have this technology in exchange for condition

    8. zombayboi

      I want to see you make a working lightsaber that doesn’t have a backpack or something like that. just the lightsaber and it being able to do this stuff with just stuff inside the lightsaber.

    9. megalexantros

      You're supposed to swing it. Not hold it in place for 5 minutes

    10. D. Whillmar

      10:00 You see what happens when you find stranger in the Alps!

    11. olov Trulle

      Imagine if these guys had a billion dollar budget

    12. Krakotitus

      You are a true Jedi.

    13. Francesco Ristori

      STOP using dead animals in your videos, please. Not fair or fun at all.

    14. Valentina Maio

      YES, burn that plastic, let’s make the hole in the ozone layer bigger. We are all in :/

    15. aydan the oven

      You guys should build kisme hoshike sword from naruto

    16. thatguy6214

      needs to be much hotter

    17. therealdki18

      I think it's more like iron man's blast

    18. Quantum3722 Gaming

      You should try the rings from tron. I love the movie tron legacy and think that if anyone could make it real it would be you guys

    19. Miller Plays


    20. Mike g

      it's a very cool firesaber but not a lightsaber yet

    21. Toast_n_pickles


    22. MrMagoogel

      After seeing how awesome this build turned out, it wouldn't surprise me if they could find a way to make a working Beam Katana from No More Heroes.

    23. sk3tch

      Pretty cool special effects!!

    24. KY SA

      I mean we all know this is more like a giant bunsen burner but it still looks kinda cool ^^

    25. Linus Camenisch

      What if they have a budget of 1 million dollars! Could the improve their lightsaber

    26. jarpenZer

      what would I do with a lightsaber? DESTROY MY ENIMIES

    27. Annabella Taturevych

      This is awesomely epic!

    28. Jonathan Sherry

      One "ACME" brand anvil. 😈 And time how long it takes to bore through the center of the mass.

    29. RANDOM

      Hello there. I love all tis work you guys do and It helps understand a lot of things. Thank you so much for bringing us these videos. Have fun a keep up the good work!

    30. Dave Pearson

      WOW!! That steel door was not some thin sheet metal, that was some serious like quarter inch steel!!! Actually thoroughly impressed with this thing

    31. Jackson Thompson

      Watch Elon musk put these into production


      Make Errol’s sword from raid shadow legends please

    33. mike GLA

      Can we get no sound effect version?

    34. jorge Ibarra

      Captain America+Chewbacca= this guy

    35. Alex Bergmann

      What would happen if you made another one and those "blades" touched?

    36. Matt Bendickson

      Man collapses in public Doctor: This man needs surgery immediately! Does anyone have a knife? Hacksmith: Do I ever!

    37. Diablo Productions

      hay man i love your stuff so much but iv got an idea for you, iv recently been getting into gambit alot and i think that it could be really cool to make a deck of flaming cards that bow up when you throw them and if you use this idea pls let everyone know i was the one who came up with it id love to see what you do with it good luck

    38. Slav Supra

      this is awesome

    39. Fernando Muñoz

      Imagine trying to weld with this 😂

    40. Nely Guerrero

      I love it !!! Its amazing !!!!

    41. Wawa E

      Robbers: Mmmmmmmmm..

    42. Jordinho Charles

      This is more of a light dagger

    43. Nathan Olsen

      did you edit all those lightsaber sound effects or was that real?

    44. Mejevy

      Imagine when we can control 10.000 F

    45. Mythical Twinkie

      Should've cut the car door off. Or better yet. Cut a boat in half

    46. green sky

      is it good for welding?

    47. Yondoth

      "OH! Its melting! *CRACK* And exploding!" Heeheeheehee. Glass go crack.

    48. James Mullenix


    49. Daniela Gabbia

      Try making Sans blaster

    50. Justin

      I wonder how this would work on heat shields like the one NASA used on their space shuttles.

    51. Pedro Henrique Vitória

      You guys should invite the jedi actors to test this lightsaber

    52. airconditioning sounds

      Now make a StarWars Blaster

    53. Andy Swafford

      Where can I buy one?

    54. Josue Hernandez

      Reply that would make my day

    55. William Messick

      All I gotta say is these guys will help us in the future when aliens invade

    56. Jarrett Smith

      Hey guys! Here's an idea for your next project: The Gravity Chamber in Dragonball Z that Goku and Vegeta trained in. It IS more-or-less possible to build. How? It's actually quite simple....but might be a bit costly. Wear iron-soled boots, iron cuffs on your wrists, and build a chamber with a magnetic floor with adjustable levels of magnetism. Use iron dumbbells but no barbells. That would be too dangerous. If you raise the magnetism levels with iron all around you can use your muscles to fight the magnetic pull to the floor.

    57. Christopher Hedgecock

      How long until the U.S. Army recruits him?

    58. y yg

      Is there- not gasoline in the car??!!

    59. Harshhaze

      "Don't come to the temple tomorrow..."

    60. 4K Luminous

      Robber: yea I’m going to rob his house 🏠 : Hacksmith: alright imma grab my lightsaber: Robber: Ight imma hed out

    61. The white beast

      Now make something strong and skinny that can fit the the middle of the flame that can hold that temperature and you can have the property to touch other objects with the sword

    62. Bud Litebeer

      I would destroy that next interview with my lightsaber

    63. Mystweaver1

      Use HHO as fuel!

    64. ROBLOX Ninja

      Finally my dream come true GIMME

    65. Jordon J Njie

      Can you make a weapon from RWBY. Maybe like Rubys syth or Noras hammer

    66. Lego Wild Wolf

      9:41 And that's how james grew up

    67. The Boneyard

      Henchmen 21 be like 🥴

    68. S W

      The dude needs gloves

    69. Suncentury 70

      Good,make it powerful enough to slice through the terminator .

    70. Pedro Filipe

      Could you do a Spider man mask that moves The eyes as you open or close Your own eyes? Just like The new tom holland’s spiderman suit

    71. Bhawtesh

      why he is looking like captain America?

    72. Biggieboss power

      Ist basically a Flamethrower idk if that is so cool to run around with 2 Gas Tanks on your Back and a Cabel to your Sword but for the first Try nice one!

    73. Guadalupe2329

      Imagine Pulling up to a heist with this

    74. Brian Griffin

      American Jedi's taking on the Russian Sith.

    75. TheLuckChaos

      In a few years, this will be used by soldiers to destroy tanks

    76. Sebastian Rorke

      Que mierda maa grande tengo un equipo de oxicorte quw corta mejor🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    77. Furtnot

      lmao it couldn't even fully cut through the foam wall at a reasonable speed

      1. Brian Griffin

        It would cut through your neck like butter.

    78. George Austin

      You're cool Don't come to jedi school today

    79. Hunter Nothaft

      Soooooo cooooolllllll

    80. Wow A sneke

      Hacksmith: makes 2200 degree working lightsaber Me *grasps plastic lightsaber*

    81. Rylo 704

      This is the most extravagant flame thrower ever made

    82. Jim Crackery

      2025 version of "You'll shoot your eye out kid"

    83. Fredrik F

      99999999 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    84. sj k

      That’s great man 🔥🔥🔥

    85. Orca Blacksail

      If the gas increases when it comes in contact w something it might hold shape better.

    86. Thanos Iatridis


    87. Lee Animations

      Ah yes world war three weapons

    88. Andreas H

      a big bunsen burner is not a light saber.period.

    89. thetacticoolasian

      Those blast doors do be thiqqq

    90. SSJ20K ER

      play hacksmith industry

    91. SSJ20K ER

      I want to see the power loader

    92. Charels de Lorme

      I wouldn't fight Canada in the next war guys.

    93. Njin

      Antique lightsaber... well basically it’s just fkn fire...Will wait Another 1000 years

    94. Polish Alastor

      2200 c

    95. Boy Prince

      I want some of that stake!! With a real light sabor like yours, I would perfectly cook thanks giving dinner right on the table to everyone's preference.The US government need to hire yall. So U can help develops robots with that light sabar

    96. Git Danked

      Try making an energy sword from Halo, now THATS a real challenge!!

    97. Marcel Michler

      What happens if you shoot a bullet through the blade🤔

    98. archie roberts

      Can it slash stuff tho

    99. Melvin

      Can you do a fire sword? Plssss

    100. Shared lines

      lucasfilm would like to have a word with you